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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Religious Assessment 1/31/07

Wednesday Religious Assessment

The Reform of the German Churches - I'll see it when I believe it. But just in case they possibly are serious then Godspeed to them anyway.

ACLU: Stop the Fees, we just want an equity share

Faith and Reason

Saints Behaving Badly - I read this book a couple of months ago. I personally really enjoyed it and what it said about Saints and Sainthood: prior and post.

Disuntity and Union - I'm with her. Forcing any American to pay Union dues, or to belong to a Union is about as American as Stalinism. And that should be the future of such an ideal as well.

Jew Defines Christians - Then argues, "define yourself." Definitely speaking, he's probably right.

Nolo Developo - What the poor need is more dung to burn, and a more efficacious Diet of Wyrms. Welcome to the Liberal Enlightenment of the 12th century ladies and germs.

The Hippity Hobbit - Man, Other, or all around kinda strange Little Guy?

The Spirit at Constantinople - From Middlebrow


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