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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 1/30/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

Stem Cells as they Should Be - Now here is a far more ethical use of stem cells. They are extracted from the host creature, no potential separate creature is destroyed to harvest them, and most importantly as I've said before, it is the host organism itself from which real cures for the individual will come. Not from alien stem cells taken from an unrelated creature. It is only basic logic and biology, yet you would think from the way the science surrounding stem cells was pursued originally that nearly 500 years of more modern medical knowledge had been lost overnight in an anti-scientific frenzy of political vapidness. Modern scientists, when they get a bug up their ass and a theory in their empty skulls no amount of evidence will dissuade them. Like Greek theoreticians, they create a theory to explain the way the world oughtta work instead of simply looking at the real world and noticing how it actually works. They make me laugh.

Zazacatla - Very interesting. Another Olmec linked city. Personally I love studying about the Olmecs and Toltecs.

Portfolio of Fuels - How much corn can Jimmy Crack crack?

The Strong and the Stretchy - Nanocomposites that do it all.

The Prize - Dang, and I was betting good money and hard science that Al Gore had done this.

Learning to Devector - A better detector is a better devector.

A Mirror on the Man - Just the ticket and an excellent idea.

Bird Flu goes Mammalian - Well, don't say I didn't see this coming guys cause I told you it would happen. Where is that evolutionary species barrier now that we really need it?

Cybercrooked - I love it. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud. Very proud.

Virtual Europe - It just makes so much sense, whether you stop to bother to think about it, or not.


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