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Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year Resolutions

Pesharim - New Year's Resolutions

For some years now I’ve given up on making New Year Resolutions during the first few days of the year. I’ve discovered that most people, myself included, make resolutions in the first few hours of a New Year based upon what they wish they could do or what they wish would happen rather than based upon any kind of realistic set of accomplishments which they might truly achieve or need to achieve. Or even desire to achieve.

Therefore I’ve learned that usually it is best for me to wait some days, making out a preliminary list which I then go back and match against my normal set of long term Objectives and Goals. If I think a resolution is more desire than a real goal then I will discard it. In this way I have learned to match my Resolutions up with my Goals and Objectives so that they either compliment each other or become in fact the same list.

Below are my Resolutions for this year, 2007 AD, and they match with my long term Goals. Actually some of these Resolutions and Goals I intend to achieve over the next 1 to 3 year period, and a couple I intend to achieve over a five or so year time span. So not everything listed here will I achieve over the next year or so, but I’ll still do my best to achieve whatever I can as quickly and efficiently as I can.

I’ve broken my Resolutions and Goals down by category and subject for a better arrangement, and so progress will be easier to track.


Get in better overall shape.
Build new obstacle course.
Throw discus more often.
Cycle more.
Lift Weights more.
Hike more and spend more time out of doors.
Improve diet.


Now that I actually enjoy reading fiction again, read more good fiction.
Continue Studies and Mental Training.
Continue to read Greek and Latin.
Learn more Hebrew.
Learn Mandarin Chinese.


Continue with Counseling and Psychology Classes.
Continue Training.


Spend more time in prayer.
Spend more time in meditation.
Spend more time in contemplation and solitude.
Reinitiate studies for the Priesthood.
Work on Virtual Icons Project.


Spend more time involved in Mission Projects.
Spend more time in local Ministry and Counseling Projects.
Spend less time and turn down more office holding offers such as Deacon and treasurer and teaching.
Get involved in more charity work and philanthropic projects.


Experiment far more. I’ve had little time to do any real experimentation in the past year or so due to the move and personal matters. Do some real experimentation, especially those projects you have been delaying due to other matters. Continue Parallel Intelligence and Supplemental Energy experiments.
Work to finish and publish at least two of my Theory Papers.
Spend more time working on my inventions, especially my Non-Lethal Weapon projects.
Upgrade all three computers and buy new laptop for wife.
Spend less time on the Internet and make more efficient use of time when on the Internet.
Become a better blogger and work more on websites.
Join a couple of Carnivals.


Compose more and play piano more.
Paint and sketch more.
Finish Graphic Novel.
Finish at least one play or screenplay.
Spend more time working on newsletters.
Write more essays.
Write more fiction.

Family and Home

Spend more time with wife and kids.
Vacation more often.
Retire wife early.
Redo Kitchen and finish basement.
Build Lab and Observatory.
Build New Gym and Pool.

Personal and Hobbies

Stop Working on the Weekends unless absolutely necessary.
Spend more time on the weekends Recreating and Relaxing.
Fish more, and experiment with new baits.
Game more often, especially with kids.
Finish at least two of the video games I never even started.
Take More Photographs.
Vad far more often and at new and unique sites. Go on Industrial Archaeological expedition.
Now that I actually enjoy reading fiction again, read more good fiction.


Work fewer but more interesting and lucrative Consulting Projects..
Publish my fiction. My friends and family have been encouraging me to publish my fiction for years and years and I feel I’m finally ready. Secure agent to represent my fiction and publish fiction.
Continue to improve my non-fiction and technical writing.
Write on ever more interesting subjects and publish more journalism articles.
Invest more often and more efficiently.
Become wealthier.
Hire new secretary and delegate more work, especially editing chores.


Continue to improve my analytical abilities. Read more technical works.
Continue to build and improve my PIIN, and increase and expand my high value international contacts network.
Work more on the Renaissance Soldier Project.
Do what I can to assist with winning the War on Terror.

Crime/Law Enforcement/Rescue

Work fewer Cold Cases and instead concentrate more on efforts to anticipate and thwart crime before it occurs. Assist more with community policing efforts.
Expand local informants network.
Patrol more often.
Keep up more with new developments in criminology, analysis, anticipation, forensics, and criminalistics. Read more technical and white papers, study more analytical work. I am falling behind on the latest developments. Attend more lectures when I can.
Go on more SAR and Disaster Relief missions.
Help out at the fire department and rescue squad when I can.
Take HAM Ticket.


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