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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Recent Events

Pesharim - Recent Events

I haven't had much time to blog lately.

I've been extremely busy with rearranging the fee structure under which I operate. I have reassessed and updated all of the fees I charge, no matter what the project type: consulting, brokerage, writing, composing, art, investigations, security/threat assessment, or analysis under what might be called a single Operational Rubric. I have standardized all fees for various projects bringing them under a single, unified structure and system. And all fees are now interrelated in a much more logical fashion which is easier to book-keep. It should be much easier to operate now and my projects and profits should circulate much more smoothly and fluidly .

I'm also going to be selling some timber off of my lands and since I now own the old family estate my tax situation has changed dramatically and so my new tax structure is keeping my hopping as well. Couple that with new business projects and the wife and kids having been sick, not to mention our new litter of nine puppies and I haven't had much sleep lately or much time to blog. I can barely find time to work, write, relax a little, or sleep, which I haven't had much of.

Nevertheless I'm slowly knocking things out one thing at a time.

Unfortunately the son of a man who attends my church was shot to death this past weekend. Took a round to the neck and died later of his wound. The local police think robbery might have been a motive, but since no word of anything taken I have my own suspicions, given the locale, time of the shooting, and victim profile - that it was actually likely a case of mistaken identity. I think the shooter mistook the boy's car and/or appearance at that time and at that locale for someone he was gunning for and shot the wrong person. I'm gonna do all I can to assist with the case but I'm giving everyone a chance to settle down a little bit, so they can grieve and become more clear headed. It's a damned senseless shame and there's not a whole lot to work on but I'm gonna see what I can do to help. Kid was so young, and he was a good kid too. Shit like this that gets to ya no matter how used to it you think you are.

Well, I'm gonna go hit the bunk. My pastor is back from his mission trip to Russia but I'll still be helping teach tomorrow, and the girl's have piano and music to boot. So I need at least a little shut eye.
Night all, or morning, or whatever it is.


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