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Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Political and Business Appraisal 1/15/07

Monday Political and Business Appraisal

The Business of Virtual Reality - This is actually exactly the kind of venue in which I think Virtual Reality can be most useful. It strikes me as one of the methods by which TSS can be made substantive and beneficial by applying VR directly to real life.

The Dead Dictator - When the Dict bites it.

Strong, Wrong, Weak, Right, Short, Long - I found this a fascinating way of framing the debate. However politically, not historically or strategically (which are entirely different matters) I think it is more accurate to say the Bush is Weak and Long, and the Democrats are Strong and Short. As to which side will ultimately be proven wrong, that will be for history to decide and I have no doubt at all that it will, however Democrats are both politically strong at the moment and throwing all dice on the roll that Americans will, in the end, choose Strong and Short, that is the "seemingly reasonable arguments of the short term" over the more "strategic and seemingly paradoxical arguments of the long run." Temporarily at least Bush is extremely weak politically and the Democrats are strong. I am however, constantly reminded by my studies of history, that he who plays the short market often ends up sans profits and prospects.

Cheney, the Pentagon, and the Banking Industry

Anti-FTA Sentiments - This is interesting for both economic and political reasons.

King and Bush - I think Bush got this one about right. Holidays are often about far more than simple relaxation and escape from labor, but are also often about "Great Work."

Crusader - A crusader in the true sense achieves victory by embracing struggles which will elevate all men, women, and children in the long run. A Crusader must be warrior, diplomat, pragmatist, idealist, politician, leader, economic visionary, a liberator, an egalitarian, fearless, patient (so that his age can finally catch up to
his Vision, which is often both prescient and far beyond current limitations in scope), able, and determined. He must be a man of History rather than one of mere moment. He must fight for Truth and Justice and Peace, and do so humbly with the very practical realization that without honorable Justice and real Truth then true Peace is impossible. I've read a lot of biographies of Reagan, I'm looking forward to this one.

The Hypocrisy of Wage as a Measure of Wealth - Anyone who believes wage, elevated or not, is a either a true method of, or a true measure of, wealth simply understands nothing of economics. Individuals should be striving to break free of wages, wage cycles, and artificial income limits and instead working to negotiate their own compensations and benefits, and to eventually free themselves altogether upon reliance on wages, and instead be seeking new and ever greater means of income (as the word was originally and correctly applied). If an individual waits for anyone or anything else, be that government, corporation, organization, institution or other individual, to determine their level of wealth then they have abdicated any possibility of controlling their own financial and economic destiny in favor of being a lifetime slave to the economic interests of others.

Leadership and Creativity


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