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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 1/2/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

Ice Cave - a rather brilliant photographic expedition of an ice cave in Antarctica. I highly recommend this site and have a couple of Antarctica web camera sites I watch and follow on occasion.

Stroop Effect - A very interesting article on some recent experimental work done regarding the Stroop effect and possible implications thereof.

A Beeping Experience - An interesting little psychology experiment

Audio Feed of Actual Neurosurgery - link on page

Chimeras - This is a subject which is of deep interest to me personally. I found this project both fascinating and somewhat disturbing.

Cities: Real and Virtual - This is also a subject of intense personal interest to me. I plan to post more about this subject in the near future on this blog and on other blogs.

Mad Cow No More? - Prion free, genetically modified cattle?

Thought Reading MRI - Project underway to image thoughts in real time as they occur.

Viral Imaging


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