Poll of a Billion Monkeys

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I told my wife before the election ever began that the Republicans would pick up 8 seats in the Senate, take a bunch of governor's races, and pick up maybe 10 or more seats in the House. I knew anyone with any sense who was actually honest with themselves about the Democrats and Obama would turn on them. And it looks like that is how it will actually shake out. And good.

I’m glad for the wins and the show of honesty on the part of most Americans.

However I must be honest about this as well.

A lot of modern people think political elections (and far more importantly what comes afterward) are like petty high school popularity contests (oh please like me, please like me best!) or some type of stupid, juvenile sporting event where every so often your teams shows up and ass-whoops the other guy. Until next game of course.

And secondly a lot of modern people believe it is the job of “their Team” to do everything for them. (That’s’ what you elected them for, right?)

Nothing could possibly be farther from the Truth. That’s exactly the way modern liberals think. That politics is a popularity game or a sporting event and that “your team” is supposed to win the game and fix the world for you. Fix you for you.

Now if you’re a Real Conservative, or even just a mildly mature adult, you know instinctively that politics as a popularity game is utter infantile bullshit, and that no one alive is ever going to fix you other than yourself. Unless, of course, in certain extreme situations, God will have to throw in with you if you are extraordinarily stubborn and self-destructive. But no politician is ever gonna be your stupid savior (you are really, really incredibly naïve and stupid if you believe in "political saviors") and no political party is ever gonna fix either you or the world for you. You want a mommy, okay, but you’re an utter imbecile if by now you haven’t figured out that Obama isn’t gonna breast feed you.

Neither is the Democratic party or their stupid liberal ideology. Nor is the Republican party going to fix you or the world for you.

Let those with eyes to see and ears to hear understand me.

You’ve won the election, but the actual Work is now yours my friends. Entirely yours.

It always was. So it will always be. You just forgot that over time.

Don’t forget it again.

Instead of all that get off your asses and fix yourself. Get off your asses and fix the world. Get off your asses and fix your nation. And it will actually start to get fixed.

You see that’s exactly what being a Conservative means. You don’t look to be led, popular, tended-to, or wet-nursed by effeminate "political saviors." Of any stripe, color, or class.

Instead you look to be honest (with yourself and the rest of the world), solve problems, and fix things.

So don’t let me or anyone else stop ya. Not the old Democrats, not your new Republicans.

This is your job sports. So, hit the bricks. And let’s whip this mutha back into some kinda working shape again.

And there ya go. Case closed suckas, case closed!