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Friday, July 14, 2006

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BLOGTitle of Blog: The Missal

“There is but one way to advise – by example.”


Section Titles:

Personal Hobbies - Humours of Idleness

Scientific Experiments - Invisible Hand
Vadding and Rudding and Urban Archaeology - The Secret Mission

Politics - The Glair
Theories, Papers, General - Pesharim
Reviews - Allele
Humor, Bizarre - Marxed
Opinions Exchanged - The Exchange
Criminal Affairs - The Orbit of Justice
Military and Intelligence - Signal, Sygnet and Sigil
Technology and Invention - Fountain of the West
Dream Logue - Kor

Religion - Karpas

Gaming - Tome and Tomb

Personal and Professional Portfolios: The Tabot

Newsletters (redacted versions): Intension

Contacts and Networking: The Surcle

Links (to other articles, blogs, websites, etc.): The Berth


Biographical Data: Labyrinth

SITE ADDRESS: http://themissal.blogspot.com/


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The Missal is my personal Blog. It covers a wide range of materials and matters including, but not limited to: Politics, Personal Hobbies, Criminal Affairs, Vadding, Local, State, National, and International Affairs, Humor, Opinions and Editorials, Writings, Inventions, Science, Art, Religion, Technology, Theory Pieces, Reviews, Criticisms, Military and Intelligence Matters,and various other subjects. Feel free to read, comment, or contact me if you wish. The Missal is also the Gateway to all of my other Blogs, Websites, Portfolios, and Newsletters which comprise my public presence on the web. Please see my Personal Links Section below. Unless otherwise noted all Blog content on the Missal is copyrighted by me and is my work.

Verbum Sapienti

Ite Missa Est

™ JWG Jr. 2006

® JWG Jr. 2006

© JWG Jr. 2006

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