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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pesharim - Omniworks Generare

Pesharim - Omniworks Generare

I have finished the preliminary draft and rough work on the formation of the Omniworks Generare ™ ® JWG 2006.
Once the Omniworks Generare is rendered in final form then I'll send you copies of it for review and suggestions.

I will be creating a webspace for the project as soon as possible.

In addition all three newsletters will soon have their own blogs in redacted form.
I am also nearly finished with my On-line Writing Portfolio (the Grapharium)which I will also be posting to the web soon. All new ventures will be cross linked to
the Missal.

I apologize to you guys and to my other my communicants for my recent lack of contributions but I have been involved in other projects of late as well as some new assignments.
It's kept me kind of busy, and absorbed.

More on that later.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Berth - The New American

The Berth - The New American

(sent to me by a friend)

Afghani becomes US Soldier, US Citizen
Another Soldier with whom I'm proud to serve.Maj. Gen. Benjamin Freakley (left) congratulates Spec. Ahmed John during a naturalization ceremony in Afghanistan July 4. A native of Kabul, Afghanistan, John was one of 27 Soldiers serving in Afghanistan who took the oath of citizenship on America’s 230th birthday.Staff Sgt. Robert R. Ramon

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Exchange - I'm not as Young as I Used to Be

The Exchange - I'm not as Young as I Used to Be

I have recently been thinking a bit about prophetic matters. Tonight while watching the news regarding troop movements along the Israelis-Lebanese border I suddenly realized something.

I know now why Bush felt it so imperative to invade Iraq. Of course he could not have foreseen all of the consequences ahead of time, and I'm sure he only sort of vaguely perceived this but he did try to enunciate it as a policy by saying he intended the US, and his administration in particular, to spread democracy throughout the Middle East and in the area of the Arabian states and Iran. And we've certainly seen some success in that regard in Qatar, in Kuwait, in Iraq and in Lebanon.

But suppose Hamas and Hezbollah had launched this present attack, with Iranian and Syrian assistance prior to the groundwork of nascent democracy that had been lain by the prior invasion and preliminary self-determination of Iraq?

What if the current conditions, or something similar were underway with Israel-Lebanon and with Hezbollah, Iran and Syria and Saddam Hussein were still in power and either assisting Hamas in Palestine, sheltering Al Qaeda representatives and cells or beginning preliminary negotiations to establish even stronger ties with Syria and then Iran? Or doing all of these things? Imagine if Iraq had not happened, what would be the present state of Wahabism and their stance and distribution of power throughout the region in regards to Israel, the US and the West?

Imagine the Taliban still held sway in Afghanistan or even that Afghanistan were the only Islamic regime we had liberated and set on the path to self-determination? Imagine the stance of Pakistan right now and their relationship to India were Israel at war with Hezbollah and possibly Syria, and the only projection of US power and ideals nearby in Afghanistan?

Imagine the power and influence of the UN still not broken by the invasion of Iraq and it still considered a real force in the world and trying to lead world political and geopolitical policy? Imagine powers like the government of France and Germany attempting to control these situations, and with the help of China and Russia still brokering covert arms deals to Iraq, Iran and various other despotic and fanatical regimes?

Imagine the current situation with those conditions and factors in play?

Imagine Israel was the only real democracy in the entire region and Kuwait the only real friendly Arabic/Muslim regimes and no democratic movements of any kind were currently underway in the area to counterbalance both Islamic religious fanaticism and Arabic and Iranian despotic or autocratic regimes?

I should have foreseen all of this long before, should have realized it much earlier.
Should have known, and to tell the truth I did vaguely, but I should have long ago realized that Iraq was just a groundwork, a short-fuse, a backfire sent forth and set ahead of time to burn the ground clean so that when the real fire came it would have far less fuel to consume. So that if the entire region exploded the force of the blast would be far less and far worse things could be avoided because the bunkers and the bulwarks would already be built, because we would already have in place fortifications and outposts prepared to withstand the attack. I should have seen what Iraq really was instead of just intuitively perceiving the possible future function(s).

But I'm not as young as I used to be.
It takes me awhile.

I still though wonder why it was Iraq instead of Iran. Maybe it's because of the Sunni-Shia split, but as many of you well know if someone had asked me this years ago I would have said it would be Iran that would be free now and Iraq still under Saddam. That if it had come down to it we would have invaded Iran instead of Iraq. But then again I don't get to make the rules or write the script, do I? I just try and figure why the plays the thing.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Links to Interesting Sites




Religious and Christian Service











Law Enforcement






Art and Music







http://www.jinxmagazine.com/ http://www.thespoon.com/trainhop/ http://hostingworks.com/support/dict.phtmlfoldoc=vadding http://www.infiltration.org/infilspk.htm http://www.souterrains.org/ http://www.urbanadventure.org/ http://www.infiltration.org/ http://www.urbanexplorers.net/
http://www.opacity.us/ http://www.undercity.org/ http://homepage.mac.com/peint/zone-tour/index.htm http://www.columbia.edu/~brennan/abandoned/ http://www.uer.ca/ http://www.deathrock.net/ariadne/ruins.html http://www.opuszczone.com/index.php http://www.drainfreaks.net/ http://www.hiddenglasgow.com/ http://negativespaces.net/

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Exchange - Artists should try "Manhood" for a Change

The Exchange - Why the modern Artist needs to give up on being such a prissified pansy, a limp wrist-ed imitator of actors and other ne'er do wells, stop painting his face like a mime, pick up a chisel and a hammer, and start acting again like a Real Man.


Before I present my thesis proper on this issue let me briefly interject a bit of history into the discussion. Art, architecture, sculpture used to be dominated by real men. Men who could bend iron bars in their bare hands and invent incredible devices, like Leonardo, men who could labor torturous hours suspended in backbreaking rafters to paint a huge cathedral ceiling, like Michelangelo, men who could invent and design and build, like Phidias. Men who were centuries ahead of their time, true beacons of their age, often as much scientist and philosopher and poet and warrior and strategist and even priest as just a run of the mill artist and dabbler in crayons and water color.

Art was the domain of the brilliant and the ingenious, yes, that is certainly true, kingdom of the creative and the futurist and the Renaissance man and polymath, but it was also the realm of the thinker and the wizard and the tough man and the strong guy and the fearless and the dauntless and the expeditionary and the adventurer, not just the realm of the limp-wristed, emotive, cry-baby faggot and Andy Warhol type stick-man, scarecrow bodied modern artist.

When people used to say Artist the term both denoted and connoted respect, a certain authority, a man one could consult and declare because he was possessed of a fearless vision of the future and because everyone knew that if push came to shove this was a man you could turn towards to solve problems, - not moan, bitch and cry about them like a spoiled little prep school grammar doll. Women admired, respected, desired and loved them instead of inviting them to luncheon chats to get the artist's latest recommendations on hairstyles and make-up foundation.

In addition when an artist said he was an artist he didn't mean he was a mere sketch master or a painter, or a caricature carnival man, or a thememaker who spent twenty years churning our different colored versions of the same soup can in his mother's kitchen apron, he meant he could do damned near anything; design buildings, build buildings, compose music, read and write in foreign languages, do math and geometry, act, run his workshop as a thriving business venture, create machines and invent, paint, draw, observe, deduce, create, problem solve, he could do it all, as needed and necessary. He was painter, sketcher, designer, architect, scientist, inventor, researcher, genius, traveler, musician and poet, mathematician, tactician, consultant, engineer, even soldier if need be. He mixed his own paints, created his own tools, devised new techniques and approaches previously unimagined, was one of the great entrepreneurs of the engine of human progress.

In short an artist was a Man, all man, in contrast to so much that passes for manhood in our modern society. And when someone called a man an artist, a true artist, the word most often used in passing was "Maestro." That man was a Master. And that said it all.

We move forward to the so called "modern artist" and everything that denotes and connotes. I needn't go into detail, we all understand what this means and what the differences obviously are, and what that implies. And so I present the body of my thesis as to why Artists should once again strive to be Men instead of merely "Modern."

Thesis: Because it's the right thing to do, because it's about freakin time, and wouldn't you much rather be known as a Man and a Maestro than a Metrosexual?

Just think about it for about 3 seconds or so.
Then you decide.

P.S.: Can we get an "Amen" from the Writer's Chorus? They could use a good dose of manhood while we're at it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Marxed - President Bush's Disgraceful Remarks

Marxed - President Bush's Disgraceful Remarks

Microphone Picks Up Bush's Yiddish Schmazzel Among World Leaders

Monday, July 17, 2006
Dissociated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA — In a private conversation President Bush is overheard giving the shim-schnizzle to Iran.

In what some consider to be a very important demonstration of the frustrations surrounding the conflict in the Middle East President Bush was overheard to escalate the level of bellicose rhetoric concerning Iranian involvement in Lebanon. While at the G-8 summit President Bush made impromptu and causal remarks to his closest ally, Prime Minister Tony Blair of Great Britain. Apparently President Bush was asked by the Prime Minister how he thought the situation with Iran might be most effectively handled should negotiations with the Iranian regime fail.

President Bush responded by remarking in what he thought to be entirely private comments, "Those #^*!@<*& stupid, smelly $@^* &$##$@*& need a good smacking right in their big nosed, hairy @&&. Why if we had some *#@!#*& like that in Texas then me and the boys would get us a rope and tie that &%$#*@! %$#*$& down and kick his *&$##$*@ @&& till his nose bled. Then I'd take my %&*@ and drive it so far up his #&*@ that he couldn't even smell a horse's @$$ when it sat on his face to take a $&*#! Tony, I swear to God, I hope before my second term is up that I can ride right down the middle of main street in Tehran and deliver a personal #$^&*!+ to those little Iranian +#@*& and tell em, 'Here's your &%$#*@! %$#*$& *&$##$*@ nuclear weapon and I'm hand delivering it to your Shiite @&&! How ya like me now!' Whatcha think a that Tony?"

To which, according to lip readers at the scene, the Prime Minister of Great Britain replied, "I like where you're going with this Mr. President. Can I come along too?"

Bush was also later heard to remark at the summit, "&@#$, some of these @&&holes talk a long time!"

In related news the French ambassador decried Israeli strikes in Lebanon saying that Israel must show more restraint. "It is an affront to French efforts at geo-political peacemaking everywhere that Israel would launch such a strong military response when it is well known that France is entirely incapable of winning any conflict, even with ourselves. Therefore we think it best for Israel to show more and more and more restraint so as to better emulate us. Had Hamas and Hezbollah attacked us in this manner we would have surrendered prior to the outbreak of hostilities and negotiated our way down from there."

Much of Europe has echoed French resolve in this matter. However Germany is said to be contemplating the secret rebuilding of her munitions factories and the development of a new military strike force called the Merkle's Monsters. This would be the first real display of national German manhood and military force in over 50 years and would be led and overseen by Germany's new female Chancellor.

Within the region Arab League members have called for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops and for a cessation of air attacks against Lebanon as soon as the Israelis have finished liquidating Hezbollah. Said a spokesman for the ruling Saudi Family, "Saudi Arabia doesn't care much for the Jews or the State of Israel but it won't break our hearts any if Israel pops a cap or two in Iran's &%$#*@! @&amp;&. Dem mutha $^#*@"& be crazy!!"

Finally in what could be a significant turning point in the escalating conflict in the Middle East the General Secretary of the UN has called for an immediate emergency session to consider the possibility of potential future consultations on the likelihood of developing the proper language for the ultimate consideration of an entirely ineffective and castrated peacekeeping force to be sent to the area. Responding to that looming improbability the Israeli Prime Minister said curtly, "No thanks, we're trying to win this war."

The Glair of the Invisible Hand - On Being Partially Human

The Glair of the Invisible Hand - On Being Partially Human:


I support the AFA's position on these three bills, however, and I know I'm gonna catch hell about this, I am for two very narrow applications of this kind of research. I am not for the harvesting of fetal tissue to work with experimentation regarding human and animal DNA per se but I am for the following, the use of adult DNA, voluntarily donated that could be implanted in either fetal or matured animals which could then be tranferred back into the human source genome, or simply for adult humans to attempt to graft and replicate certain animal alleles to see if it is possible for humans to graft onto or develop within their own genetic code certain animal capabilities. For instance if a blind man could use, let us say, a hawk's genetic material and grow or develop the eyes of a hawk. Or if a person with damaged olfactory capabilities could develop the sense of smell and taste of a dog. Or even if a human being wanted some augmentation to already perfectly normal capabilities, let's say they wanted the hearing capabilities of a wolf and their genetic structure could be altered over time by admixing specific human and animal subcodes and therefore develop acute animal capabilities. I have experimented with such things myself and intend to do so in the future. In the above case I would not be for restrictions on human rights in any sense for people who had successfully somehow grafted within their own genetic code certain animal alleles, such people would retain all normal human rights. However they would not be allowed to use such modifications as any kind of legal or psychological excuse for any type of deviant, subversive or criminal behavior.

I'm also for allowing human tissue of a person of age being voluntarily donated to allow for implantation, grafting, mixing or amalgamation with animal tissue, either that of a young or mature animal or that of a fetal animal in development in order to produce an animal enhanced with certain human genetic traits. In this case I believe that such animals would have to be granted more rights that are normally afforded most animals and in many cases even more than are afforded most pets.

I'm also very much in favor of experimentation, using their own base genetic code, sans any human genome grafting, manipulating animal genomes to express progressive human-like cognitive traits, in order to produce more highly intelligent animals who are capable of more human-like cognitive functions. I've experimented with this myself and will continue to do so and think that such animals, possessing in some way parallel human cognitive capabilities should be granted near human rights. Maybe one day human rights. In either case I'm not for the allowing of fetal hybrids and chimeras of various kinds (nor knowing what I know about cloning do I much care for or think any great scientific or moral value to cloning), allowing the unrestricted free mixing of human and animal genomes. But I do think that you could produce more human like animals and you could produce humans with acute animal sensory and perceptual capabilities, if such processes were developed in the right way, which would be beneficial for both human and animal species.

In any case I'm gonna encourage my Senators to support these particular bill recommendations as proposed.

AFA Alert

Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 10:59 PMSubject: Senate to Vote on Important Bills on Stem-Cell Research and Cloning Tuesday, July 18
Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman July 17, 2006Senate to Vote on Important Bills on Stem-Cell Research and Cloning Tuesday, July 18Urge Your Senators to OPPOSE H.R. 810 and SUPPORT S. 3504 & S. 2754 Dear Jack,The U.S. Senate will vote on three important bills dealing with stem-cell research and cloning beginning Tuesday, July 18. No amendments will be allowed for any of the bills. It will take 60 votes out of 100 for any one to pass, otherwise they will be dead for the remainder of the year. Of the three bills to be considered, AFA STRONGLY OPPOSES H.R. 810, which would require federal funding of research using stem cells obtained by killing human embryos. AFA SUPPORTS S. 3504 - the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act - which would make it a federal crime for a researcher to use tissue from a human baby who has been gestated in a woman's womb - or an animal womb - for experimentation and AFA SUPPORTS S. 2754 - the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act - which would encourage scientists to seek ethical stem-cell alternatives. Take ActionContact your Senators to urge them to vote AGAINST the anti-life stem-cell bill, H.R. 810, and to SUPPORT S. 3504 - the fetus farming ban – and SUPPORT S. 2754 which would encourage scientists to seek ethical stem-cell alternatives. Please tell your senators that you are in favor of ethical stem-cell research, but not research that requires the killing of human embryos. If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.Sincerely,Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and ChairmanAmerican Family AssociationP.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!If you are a Federal Civilian, Postal or Military Employee, please consider AFA (#2058) for your annual CFC participation. Questions or comments about AFA? Contact us via

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Allele - A Strange Review

Allele - A Strange Review: This is a very strange but in some ways very insightful review of the film Superman Returns.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pesharim - Conversation on Economics with Friedman

Pesharim - Conversation on Economics with Friedman: This is an article by Milton Friedman in the latest issue of Imprimis which I enjoyed reading very much.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Deep Web

Deep Web


Links to Other Blogs






Subject Explanations

Pesharim - Subject Explanations

I thought since I have undertaken a new publication schedule I might write a Subject Explanation to let my Readers (those who are not familiar with me, my old friends and my family know me well enough) understand a little bit about my background and the kinds of things they can expect to find and read about when they visit the Missal.

The Missal is my personal blog and therefore I cover subjects of interest to me, and to many of my readers. These subjects, when, and why they are included in this blog are as follows:

On Mondays I will write on Politics and Legislative Branch Matters. I have assisted on various campaigns and worked a couple. I’ve worked on quite a bit of legislation as a citizen working with my Representatives, and Senators, State and National to help write some legislation and assist with some popular movements and referenda, such as the effort to make the Amber Alert system national. I’ve also assisted with local initiatives and legislation on taxes, crime, etc. I’ve helped conservative campaigns for Presidents (such as Reagan and Bush) and helped on the campaign for Dole, which failed. I read in politics when I can and make extensive biographical studies of various candidates (both those I support and oppose) when a campaign interests me. I consider myself both politically Conservative and a Classical Liberal, but I have no interest at all, and little respect for, modern liberalism. I also consider myself politically active to a degree but unlike many modern men I don’t consider politics an obsession or religion. To me it is a tool for achieving a better society (when it works) or an obstruction to a better society when it fails, but not an end in itself. I have an interest in politics and public policies for that reason, and consider it important, but it doesn’t consume my every waking hour or thought. And I can’t imagine me wanting it to.

On Tuesdays I will write on Science and Judicial Branch Matters. I have a very old interest in Science going back to the time when I was in the second or third grade. As a kid I used to perform cryogenic freezing and resuscitation experiments on frogs and various other small creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids. I carried around a homemade Emergency Medics kit and would treat injured animals I found, attempting to save their lives. As I aged I became involved in several advanced science projects and experiments through special programs. I am an amateur astronomer, and I have built my own chemistry and biology lab. I have performed numerous forensic (a fascination for me) experiments and investigations, as well as physics, chemistry, bio-chemical, biological, engineering, psychological, medical, and surgical experiments. I enjoy reading in and experimenting in both hard sciences (physics) and soft sciences (psychology). I enjoy studying science, reading on current developments, and new technologies, studying the history of science and reading biographies on famous scientists. When at the various colleges I attended I read in and studied degrees for Psychology and Anthropology. I’ve been on a few archaeological expeditions and done internships in the field of psychology. I Vad and conduct my own Industrial Archaeological expeditions. I invent and have a great personal interest in Technology. I enjoy most every field of science but my favorite discipline is Physics, followed closely by Genetics and Psychology.

On Wednesdays I will write on Religion, Religious Matters, and on National and International Affairs. My interest in religion goes back nearly as far as I can remember. My interest in God goes even farther back than that, as I can’t ever remember a time not having an interest in nor not talking with God. I am pretty much a lifelong Christian, was raised a Baptist Protestant, and an adherent and disciple, if a very imperfect one, of Christ. As a teenager I became very experimental in religion, a trend that has pretty much continued throughout my life, and I became heavily involved in Raja Yoga. I meditated constantly and for a while mediation was the only spiritual practice I conducted. During that time period I was extremely happy and blissful, but then one day I felt as if I were spending all of my time absorbed in God and avoiding life rather than living it. That God wanted me to go out into the world and stop retreating from it. So I gave up the habit of daily meditation and became far more heavily involved in the world. My religious experimentation continued however and I began the practice of different forms of mediation (far less often though), contemplation, and prayer, began attending Mass, had several different personal religious experiences including dreams, trances, and visions, began hanging around Priests (especially Jesuits) and Monks (Franciscans and Benedictines), and studied Sufism and Judaism. My studies of and experimentation with Sufism and Judaism led me to the Philokalia, which led me to the Greek Orthodox and the Coptic churches. On High Holy Days I attend Mass at Greek or Coptic churches. At college my first set of degree studies was in Religion and Philosophy and I studied Latin and Greek intensely, finding both languages fascinating. In college I developed a Religious Order of Monkhood including the Rule Set because I was seriously thinking about becoming either a Secular Priest or a Monk. Instead I ended up dating several different women from various parts of the world and eventually married when I turned 30, and then had children. Recently I have become very interested in Missions Work, have developed good friendships with several missionaries, and my church has made me leader of some Mission Projects. However the desire to become a Priest ad Monk has never left me and once I retire I intend to become a Greek Orthodox Priest and right before I die, a Monk. I would like to end my life by taking my wife and going to a Monastery on some little Greek island or in the desert and dieing there, in the company of monks and priests. I am extremely interested in the idea of Reconciliation between the Orthodox, Coptic, Catholic, and Protestant churches, of erasing the various historical schisms in the Church and of developing a new sort of Modern Universal Christendom, in which all Christians and others who wished to do so (Jews, Sufis, etc.) could participate.

On Thursdays I will write on Military and Intelligence Matters, Law Enforcement and Criminal Affairs, the War on Terrorism, and Executive Branch Matters. I have a very long interest in Criminal Matters, dating back to my teenage years. In addition I have worked numerous cases and investigations. Originally my interests were more in criminology, then later in forensics and criminalistics. Now my interests are in International Criminal Cartels, Smuggling Operations, Terrorist Cell Structure and Financing Operations, and in anticipating and thwarting crime before it can occur. Though I still take a keen interest in local crime and local cases as well. My interest in the military goes back to a time when I was a teenager and I spent numerous hours studying World War II , Korean War and world military history generally. I also joined the Civil Air Patrol as a teen and thought briefly about a career as either a Fighter Pilot (I loved flying the training Wing Aircraft), or a Submarine Commander (as I’ve always been equally fascinated by submarine warfare). But I later pursued neither course, other interests taking a priority. Eventually however because of personal contacts and old friends I became deeply interested in the military again and began to extensively study intelligence matters and psychological operations. The War on Terror has only served to accelerate my interest in and studies of the current military situation, and I found a natural overlap between my previous experience with criminal investigations and undercover operations and the way terror cells, rogue regimes, and International Criminal Cartels operate. I began to try to develop new approaches to assist military thinkers, analysts, and planners with penetration of and infiltration of terror cells and ICCs. When asked I try to provide outside, unorthodox, and hopefully creative ideas for various branches of the service, and amateur or non-military analysis on various intelligence matters, usually related to crimino and narco terrorism, and operations. Because of this I also developed a strong interest in Non Lethal and Less Than Lethal Weapons and Weapon’s system developments. I closely follow new developments in NL and LTL technologies and because I invent I also closely follow many military Research and Development Projects.

On Fridays I will write on Culture and Popular Culture, and my Personal Hobbies. My personal hobbies include digital photography, film, Vadding - Urban, and Rural Infiltration and Exploration, investigating Cold Cases, video gaming (though I have almost no time to ever play anymore), art (I still do most all of my art by hand, though I use software to manipulate my photographs), architecture and design, composing music, inventing, writing poetry, hiking, working out, throwing the discus, and reading. I also conduct my own scientific experiments, assist with disaster relief and rescue operations (I spent many of my summers as a kid at a Rescue Squad), monitoring radio and world band radio communications, work on mission and ministry projects and occasionally help fight local fires. So those are the kinds of things I will write about on Fridays. I also enjoy watching and commenting upon Popular Culture. Popular Culture entertains me to no end and I often find pop culture extremely bizarre, funny, hilarious, absurd, and ridiculous. So I enjoy writing satirical pieces and parodies of popular culture and the Internet. I also enjoy reading about and following the modern Culture Wars in American and foreign societies between liberals, conservatives, traditionalists, secularists, and moderates. Finally I will also comment on games, music, film, art, and other elements of standard culture.

On Saturdays I will write on Art, Science, Religion, and Medical Matters. Since I have already explained my interests in these fields in the above sections I won’t reiterate.

On Sundays, my Sabbath, if I publish, it will be on Religious and Artistic Matters.

Previously I have owned my own business, which was a Consulting and Brokerage business. Eventually I grew very tired of Brokerage and Start Up Financing and IPOs, and it cost me a lot in time and money. Now I earn my bread as a Freelance Writer and Journalist. I also do investigations for various businesses, corporate, and other clients, and occasionally I still do consulting work. At the suggestion and encouragement of friends I am now also moving into the arena of writing fiction.

Publication Schedule

Pesharim - Publication Schedule

In order to better address the various subject matters I write about I have developed a Publication Schedule.

This Publication Schedule will be subject to modification of course if important events intervene. If for instance a truly important public event occurred, or some significantly important personal matter arose then I would modify this publication schedule. Otherwise, I will attempt to follow this schedule of subject matter for posting:


Monday - Politics, Legislative Matters
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Wednesday - Religion, National Affairs, International Affairs
Thursday - Military and Intelligence Matters/Law Enforcement and Criminal Affairs, War on Terrorism, Executive Matters
Friday - Culture and Popular Culture, Personal Hobbies
Saturday - Art, Science, Religion, Medicine, Vadding and Rudding (Urban and Rural Exploration)
Sunday - Religious and Artistic Matters

Monday Political Appraisal
Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract
Wednesday Religious Assessment
Thursday MCW Briefing (Military/Crime/War)
Friday Cultural Calculation
Saturday A&A Inventory (Artistic and Avocational)
Sunday Summary


Posts, Papers, and Articles involving Humor, Opinions and Editorials, Theory Pieces, Reviews, Criticisms, Business and Economics, Work and Professional Matters will be open to be discussed anytime or as needed.

Sunday is my Sabbath so ordinarily I do not intend to blog or publish on Sundays unless it is really important to do so, but if I do so it will usually be on Religious or Artistic subjects.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Glair - Welcome to Wonderland

The Glair - Welcome to Wonderland

Let me Posit a Theory.

Since the invasion of Iraq, and before in some cases, Syria has been acting as a communications facilitator between Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Al Qaeda.
After the invasion, when North Korea is publicly named as a member of the Axis of Evil the North Koreans attempt to establish communications with Iran and Al Qaeda, perhaps through shared smuggling and ICC contacts, counterfeiting operations, shipping, etc. This they succeed in doing in time.

Each party, Al Qaeda, Syria, North Korea and Iran develop programs to obtain Biological, Chemical and Nuclear weapons (as well as unconventional weapons, programs and tactics) and eventually begin to assist each other in their various projects. Periphery projects and objectives, such as Kashmir, disrupting allied efforts in Iraq, the attempted resurgence of the Taliban, etc. start to become absorbed into a more reunified and wide-scale set of operations. The North Koreans are looking for energy and oil and the smuggling contacts with Iran will make them less dependent on China and less responsive to Chinese diplomatic and economic pressures. Counterfeiting operations run through Middle Eastern banks which don't charge interest but which are excellent laundering operations and allow business profit joint ventures of various kinds can quickly move funds into and out of North Korea covertly and illicitly.

Diversionary operations are planned and launched, some overt, some covert. Mutual cooperation efforts and objectives are established. Syria spurs efforts in Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. North Korea in Asia. Iran spurs operations, some diversionary and some real in Iraq, Afghanistan, Western Pakistan, and against Israel. Al Qaeda launches attacks and raids in Kashmir, Western Pakistan, Afghanistan, by subsidiaries and franchises in Africa, Iraq, and assist attempted attacks in Europe and America. The Iranian government believes that these events are precursors to the return of the Mahdi and so are more than willing to assist with funding, with logistical support, by timing their attacks with those of their partners, etc. Syria acts a communications and logistical conduit through the Western Middle East, Iran through the Eastern Middle East, Al Qaeda through Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and North Korea in Asia.

The Axis of Evil has become a fully functional and cooperative Axis, still covert as to direct and obvious connections, but operating as a kind of unit nonetheless.

Or the attacks in India, Hamas and Hezbollah operations, attacks against Israel, Lebanon, the North Korean missile tests, Iranian funding and logistical support and nuclear efforts, the attempted Taliban resurgence, the Sudan and Somalia, the coming new round of attacks in Africa, Europe, Asia, Iraq, Israel, America, Pakistan/India, are all just interestingly timed but wholly unrelated coincidences. With no connection to one another other than temporal happenstance.

Welcome to Wonderland...