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Friday, July 14, 2006

Publication Schedule

Pesharim - Publication Schedule

In order to better address the various subject matters I write about I have developed a Publication Schedule.

This Publication Schedule will be subject to modification of course if important events intervene. If for instance a truly important public event occurred, or some significantly important personal matter arose then I would modify this publication schedule. Otherwise, I will attempt to follow this schedule of subject matter for posting:


Monday - Politics, Legislative Matters
Tuesday - Science/Technology/Research and Development/Experimentation/Inventions, Judicial Matters
Wednesday - Religion, National Affairs, International Affairs
Thursday - Military and Intelligence Matters/Law Enforcement and Criminal Affairs, War on Terrorism, Executive Matters
Friday - Culture and Popular Culture, Personal Hobbies
Saturday - Art, Science, Religion, Medicine, Vadding and Rudding (Urban and Rural Exploration)
Sunday - Religious and Artistic Matters

Monday Political Appraisal
Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract
Wednesday Religious Assessment
Thursday MCW Briefing (Military/Crime/War)
Friday Cultural Calculation
Saturday A&A Inventory (Artistic and Avocational)
Sunday Summary


Posts, Papers, and Articles involving Humor, Opinions and Editorials, Theory Pieces, Reviews, Criticisms, Business and Economics, Work and Professional Matters will be open to be discussed anytime or as needed.

Sunday is my Sabbath so ordinarily I do not intend to blog or publish on Sundays unless it is really important to do so, but if I do so it will usually be on Religious or Artistic subjects.

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