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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pesharim - Omniworks Generare

Pesharim - Omniworks Generare

I have finished the preliminary draft and rough work on the formation of the Omniworks Generare ™ ® JWG 2006.
Once the Omniworks Generare is rendered in final form then I'll send you copies of it for review and suggestions.

I will be creating a webspace for the project as soon as possible.

In addition all three newsletters will soon have their own blogs in redacted form.
I am also nearly finished with my On-line Writing Portfolio (the Grapharium)which I will also be posting to the web soon. All new ventures will be cross linked to
the Missal.

I apologize to you guys and to my other my communicants for my recent lack of contributions but I have been involved in other projects of late as well as some new assignments.
It's kept me kind of busy, and absorbed.

More on that later.

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