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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday MCWS Briefing 1/11/07

Thursday Military/Crime/Warfare/Security Briefing

Text of President's Speech on Iraq

Some Military Details of the President's Plan - I will be commenting later today on some of the military details of the plan.

Plan Bullet Points

“The controversy over what to do about Iraq has congealed into two camps: supporters of the President who lack a clear plan for achieving victory, and critics of the President who have a detailed plan for America’s defeat.”

Loren Thompson


Other News

Helping A Milblogger/Logroller - Help out if you can. He's been through a lot.

92,000 Boost - To me the number seems low. I guess it will depend upon the actual percentage of combat able troops.

Damned, and either way - How right you are.

Elliot Ness - I've always wondered about his direct, or indirect relationship with Federal authorities. A very interesting story.

Bureau Records Declassification

Children Strangled - The method of murder bothers me because of what it implies.

White Pickup - Concerning the seeming kidnapping case.

ASEAN and Myanmar

Kenya detains Somali Al Qaeda Wives - I wish I could get a truly straight, final story on this. Not about the wives, but the Al Qaeda leaders.

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