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Monday, January 01, 2007

Improvements to the Missal

Pesharim – Improvements to the Missal

I am making several changes and improvements to the site.

First of all as some of you already know I am adding new writers and contributors to the Missal. More will be joining shortly once the details can be arranged. For now the list of writers includes: Steve, Andy, K, and me. Also there will be occasional guest posts by writers and contributors like Del, as can be seen by his first article on Analyzing Terrorism which has already been published on the Missal. Let me take this opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to welcome aboard all of the new writers and contributors. I appreciate your contributions. More about the new writers and their contributions later in future posts.

I am changing the MCW Briefing on every Thursday to the MCWS, meaning it will now be the Military, Crime, Warfare, and Security Briefing. I have expanded the emphasis on the Thursday Briefing to include a new focus on a wide range of security threats, from physical threats to terrorism to personal security and criminal threats to electronic, computing, communication, data, machine, sabotage, and Internet threats.

Mondays will now be devoted to both Political and Business matters and so the Monday Segment will become the Monday Political and Business Appraisal.

Otherwise the schedule will remain the same, making it under normal circumstances as follows:

Monday Political and Business Appraisal
Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract
Wednesday Religious Assessment
Thursday Military/Crime/Warfare and Security Briefing
Friday Cultural Calculation
Saturday Arts and Avocation Inventory
Sunday Summary

Of course I will be making other posts as local, state, national, and international events warrant. Also I intend two to five original articles, papers, theory papers, political pieces, journalism pieces, analyses, reports, or essays per week, as time and work allow. This does not include what my contributors post, and they are free to post on any matter they wish, at any time they wish. I am also temporarily allowing others to be considered as contributors, so if you feel that you would like to contribute to the Missal, feel that you are an interesting writer or poster, and feel that you would be a good match for the Missal then please feel free to contact me by email. My address can be found here: Jack.

I have also been invited to write for other blogs, such as Stingray, and I have been posting to Stingray now for about two months or so. This year I intend several unique articles devoted entirely to that site which will be linked to, but not posted to, the Missal. Other blogs have invited me to write and post guest pieces and articles for their sites and I intend to follow up upon these invitations as soon as my schedule allows.

I have added a Web 2.0 Chat Function, called Geesee Chat to the Missal, you cay find a link to it in the right hand Sidebar, near the top of the page. This should allow my readers and some of my contributors to chat directly with one another in an unrestricted manner, whenever they visit the site. Immediately below Geesee Chat you can find a variety of other Web 2.0 functions, which I am making available to my readers and contributors, and some of those Web 2.0 services I will be directly integrating into the site, just as I did with the Chat function. I will be continuing to add Web 2.0 functionality and services in the future, making such additions an ongoing effort.

I will be making posting improvements so that readers can link posts directly to their favorite Social or Media or Internet Network.

I will be adding video and video posting functionality.

I am seeking to add a number of foreign correspondents and contributors to the site so that they may post and report about events in their corner of the world.

I will continue in my efforts to build and develop a Global Network of international contacts to provide real time information to my readers and contributors. I also intend to use this Global Network to help develop the Missal's own Intelligence and Investigative Network.

I will be seeking to better integrate and cross link the Missal with my other blogs, newsletters, and websites, as well as establish better links with a variety of the blogs and websites of others in order to better cover Business, Political, Religious, Cultural, Social, Scientific, Technological, Military, Criminal, War, and Security matters.

I will be building and directly linking the B-Reader to the Missal. Design is already completed on the B-Reader but some technical details need to be worked out before I can post the first article. The B-Reader once fully established will be a group blog consisting of both professional and amateur contributors.

I am working on a number of book and article projects, extracts of the initial drafts of which I will occasionally post to the Missal for reader feedback and analysis.

I will also be making any future technological improvements to the site that I feel may be of value to my readers and my contributors. If you have any suggestions to make concerning improvements you'd like to see made to the Missal then you may leave a comment on site or send me an email discussing your ideas.

Thanks, and Happy and Productive New Year,



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