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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 1/16/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

McNaught Comet - Because the weather has been so moderate around here and because the sky has been so clear at night I have been making a great deal of astronomical observations at night in my area (I also live in a very rural area free of most light pollution so that my own telescope is useful for most observations). Occasionally I make use of the Naval scope at the observatory on top of the mountain. This comet has personally excited me. Unfortunately for the past couple of days the weather has been cloudy or foul and observing opportunities limited. I'll be glad when I have enough money to build the observatory I designed for the south hill near my woods.

Skypenet - Skype offers international broadband television service.

Free Electronic Prescriptions - Personally, I think this an excellent idea and one which could very well reduce the number of prescription errors.

Neanderman - Interesting because I never really thought Neanderthal man had disappeared, it seemed far more likely to me that if he was indeed a true branch of humanity then he would have been absorbed through cross mating, not wiped out. If he was not truly human then he could not have mated with humans and would have been a competitor who was possibly warred out of existence, or failed on his own, but if he was truly human then he could have easily been assimilated. I've certainly seen people who could pass for Neanderthal, or at least a Neanderthal's uncle.

New Class of RNA Molecules

Einstein's Tea Leaves

Hybrid Nano Chips - As someone who is a personal advocate of most forms of nanotechnology and research I found this article very interesting, especially about what it implies about scale, materiel, and energy transfer/efficiency rates.

The Prodigy At College - Since my children are homeschooled and well ahead of both common age and academic standards, I found this very interesting. My two daughters are already doing college level work at a time where most kids their age are in 6th and 3rd grade. I was conversing with a woman just the other day and we discussed putting our various children in college at about 15 or 16.

Zinc Oxide based LED Chips

The New Sleuth - You know, as my friends in law enforcement and the military will tell you, I have for years advocated using the Web for purposes exactly like this, research of criminal cases, gathering of Intel, the development of personal PIINs, contact and exchange work, development of informants, counter-terrorism, and so forth. I personally think law enforcement, the government, and military ignore a huge number of really outstanding assets by not mining these civilian fields for amateur operatives who would be of tremors benefit in any given number of situations. The amateur, because of the way he works, is often, at least in some cases, a far more efficient and rapid investigator and operative than the professional precisely because he is not limited to the restrictions of Intel gathering which hampers so many professionals.

The Consequrences of the Deep Link

New Patent with Interetsing and Wide Implications and Possible Applications

Google Tracks UPS

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