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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wednesday Religious Assessment 1/3/07

Wednesday Religious Assessment

A Different Mission? - An interesting article on the possible shift in emphasis on mission projects involving so-called "Millennials."

The Emergent Church - An interesting debate on the so called emergent church and what it might or might not mean in the context of Greater Christianity.

Iranians Meet with Pope - It would be quite fascinating to know the actual contents of this representation and communication.

Ford and Faith - President Ford and his faith.

Islamist Defeats in Somalia and Reactions

From Good to Great - Personally, few things bother me more in life than less.

Hearts and Minds - An extremely astute observation about politics, the popular culture, and media influence upon the population at large. Just as with the War in Iraq, Hearts and Minds, and Psychological Warfare (in the true Greek sense of the word) is something that should be practiced "within American culture."

Marriage and Gender and Geography and Mating - Fascinating Danish study on the effects of geography and marriage upon gender and mating.

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