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Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Cultural Calculation 1/19/07

Friday Cultural Calculation

Your Fault - You know, I tend to agree with her. If you can't raise children who are strong enough to resist industry temptations or children who feel they can seek out better opportunism in industries which better fit their own personal interests, desires, and values, then you really haven't raised an independent, capable child, you've raised a robot who conforms to whatever environmental standard they happen to find themselves placed within.

Live and Learn I Guess - Next time try thinking before you act too. Americans sure can be spoiled little bitchy children at times too. Especially those who have mistaken fame for achievement, or lack thereof.

What Europe and Intellectuals Will Never Understand - I hardly agreed with all of this, for instance the author obviously and completely fails to perceive that the US is not a democracy and the Founders went out of their way to assure it was not a democracy, but a Republic (as with so many intellectuals they understand neither politics nor history - thank God I never desired to become one of those) but it was nevertheless an extremely interesting analysis, on more than one point.

On the Other Hand

Free Love no More - I've read her essays before, but this was pretty good.

On Evil - I've known people who were machetied to death in Rwanda. I've always considered it a good example of evil run temporarily wild and without restriction.

The Faustian Man

BA Crosses Out Crosses Out

The Loss of Letters in the West

Marriage is as Dead as You Didn't Think

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