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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 1/9/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

The Stellar Frankenstein - When Stars Collude.

EMI Review - I don't know whether to be happy about this or suspicious. Maybe I'm suspiciously happy.

Pillars of Creation Toppled - Maybe it means that it's the beginning of a new Cosmic Paradigm.

Britain Goes to the Moon - I always thought they were a bit Looney.

50 Years of RNA - Few Scientific Discoveries are without a profundity of Nay-Sayers. It's part of the job every time something changes. Yet somethings never change, such as, Doubt about Change.

PQS - It is an interesting paper, and system, and I have been following developments. I think the process has definite benefits but I am still doubtful about the ability of the system to properly sift radicals and unanticipated variables. Doubt makes skeptics of us all.

Education and Memory loss - this study concludes that more highly educated people suffer greater vocabulary degeneration than less well educated people. That seems a given if you assume through common sense that the more complex a system is, and the greater the number of components involved in that system, then proportionally any level of degradation will seem proportionally greater in relation to the measured level of complexity. However if you start with a greater level of complexity then you still need to degrade far more rapidly than a less complex system in order to reach a state of equilibrium. I would much rather suffer a slightly greater rate of degradation and have far more in reserve than suffer a slightly lesser rate of degradation and have far less in reserve. That would be true for practically anything.

More on Amniotic Stem Cells - To quote myself, "To truly do a thing right you must first decide to attempt the right thing in the right way."

Explosive Optical Responses

Ironic Pessimism - Well, just imagine that! No doubt about it.


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