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Monday, January 01, 2007

Monday Political and Business Appraisal 1/1/07

Monday Political and Business Appraisal

In Memoriam - Ford was certainly not a great president, not like a Reagan by any means, but he was a solid President. Often neither America nor the world really needs a Great President, but we do often need a far greater number of solid presidents.

What Is and What Cannot Be - Can we build a larger military upon the back of the current system? From my work with, observations of, and contacts within the military - probably not. The System, not just the numbers, have to change.

Michigan ARPA - Does what the people want in a state even qualify as being important anymore concerning the establishment of law, or has the referendum become a mere White Paper Policy statement?

End of the Freedom - The failure of Democracy is not that too often the people fail to achieve their objective and fail to achieve the leadership they desire, but that too often their objectives and the quality of their leadership perfectly matches their true aims.

Holidays Over

Black in the Black - An Open Letter to Black Americans

Men, Women, and Power

Vietnam and the Great and not so Great Powers

Tax Gifts - Well, it's something anyway.


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