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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday MCWS Briefing 1/18/07

Thursday Military/Crime/Warfare/Security Briefing

Murder and Gang Initiatives

Chinese Satellite Killer - China continues to develop some major new high-tech warfare capabilities. I found this one particularly interesting. What the US will be forced to do eventually is develop countermeasures and perhaps satellite defensive capabilities. Unlike the Soviet Union however, a nation that was crippled by her own lack of economic vision and capability, the Chinese communists understand all too well the very vital and potent link between economic capacity and prosperity and military capability and power.

The Assassin Email

The Digitized Camo - The very first time I saw this design the very first thing I was reminded of was pixilated white noise off of my digital camera screen. I thought the idea absolutely brilliant at first for a static design through which no energy flowed. Fixing on such a camo-ed target at a distance it struck me that perhaps it would cause "fuzz" or distortion which might make the target seem slightly askew of, or displaced from his real position and therefore a more difficult target for snipers to fix upon as just one example. Now I realize after having studied the design for some time that what is actually needed is a design which is energized to create true distortion. Here is an article about troop satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the field with the new camo.

When Good Ideas Smell Bad - This is just the Dick in me I'm sure but something smells all wrong about this, at least at this point in time. Yes, I agree it is a necessary step. It also feels all wrong. I think the flow should be carefully controlled and grandfathered depending upon performance and capability. I got a very bad feeling about just flooding most military and especially police units with more weaponry. This needs to be tracked carefully because Iraq is still Frontier's Law and a Frontier's Combat Zone. My blue sense starts tingling when I think about wide scale weapon dispersements to people and units we may or may not be able to control, or who may or may not remain future allies. I would not have flooded the streets of Berlin with new weapons after World War II to control Nazi insurgents. Not till I was sure the Germans had made the turn-around.

Border Agents Surrender to US Marshals

I don't Know Whether to Laugh, or Cry - Do we really want people like this serving, and who would want to be serving beside them if they were deployed?

Gonna BB an Idiot - Let's just say that it doesn't surprise me.

Bangladesh Crackdown

Last Stand

US Industrial Espionage and Intel


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