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Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday Political and Business Appraisal 1/8/07

Monday Political and Business Appraisal

Crossroads - "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Inhalable Flu Vaccine - I've often wondered why more vaccines are created to be delivered along the same vectoring path by which a disease organism usually penetrates the host organism. It makes absolute common, medical and scientific sense, but then again that which makes the most sense is usually the last avenue pursued by most modern scientists.

Who Gives a Crap - Who cares if Russia slams US sanctions on Russian military firms? Become an actual ally, then we'll talk.

Good Luck Zalmay - You're really gonna need it in that Nest of Vipers

Web 2.0 Business Value Debate - I really like many of the innovations of the Web 2.0 phenomenon. But I'm the first to admit that in many respects the value promised and the value delivered are very different animals, and that many times Web 2.0 efforts deliver little real value at all.

Lifehacker - Personally I like the Lifehacker idea, the approach, and the whole philosophy of the blog. I wish there were far more blogs like this.

Shocked by the Awe? - I've worked on projects like this myself. A few work out as expected, a few do much more poorly than originally envisioned, a few lead to valuable secondary discoveries but most are boondoggles. That's the price you pay for progress I guess.

Global Real Estate

Where the Left left off - An interesting theory.


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