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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Introducing Agamemnon

Jack asked me to introduce myself to the readers, so here goes. My homepage is http://www.agamemnonblog.com I have been blogging off and on (mostly off) in various guises for a few years now. My 30th birthday is creeping up on me this March. I am a native and currently a resident of Minnesota. In 2001 I earned a BS in Political Science. I am an amateur historian and a student of politics. I am particularly interested in foreign policy but I also dabble in domestic policy. I worked for a MN State House candidate in 2006. I did some opposition and policy research for the campaign. I am currently looking for a candidate or project to work for. I am an avid reader and a student of history. Currently I’m on a Classical Greek and Roman kick. But I am also a fan of the Middle Ages, Byzantine and Church history. In my free time I enjoy competing in Scottish Highland Games around the Midwest. I hope to contribute quite a bit to The Missal.


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1 comment:

Jack said...

That's extremely interesting to me, especially the part about the political and educational background.

I'm also a fan of the Highland Games as I suspect is Leitrim.

And anyone who is a student of Rome, Greece, Byzantine and Church history is okay by me.

I'm looking forward to your regular posts.
Welcome aboard and store your gear anywhere.