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Monday, February 05, 2007

Monday Political and Business Appraisal 2/5/07

Monday Political and Business Appraisal

US Pushes China - I'll follow this closely, but don't really expect much out of the Chinese.

Is it My Imagination? - Or are the newly elected, and all-powerful Dems playing the game like they are the little snot-nosed nerds on the playground? If you can't win and then get your ducks in a row long enough to pull your stick out and beat the competition on the head, what kinda good are ya? Jeez, it's like the party is run by women. Wait a second...

Nader Slams Hillary - That's like a fuzzy little guinea pig slamming a Brahma Bull. Ralph, back up a step or two, she's got real horns and you're just wearing a tin Viking Cap. Sometimes I think the men of the Democratic Party and their satellite greenies wear the skirts and the women wear the Jock Straps. Let's see Dukakis, Carter, Mondale, Kerry, Al, then there's Hillary, Nancy, Dianne, Cindy, Jane. Well at least there's always Ted Kennedy when they need a real man.

Sometimes Rudy - Sometimes he reminds me of Teddy Roosevelt. Even the New York part. Then again, sometimes he reminds me of Ethel Kennedy.

Tax Cuts - Now let's see what both the Republicans and Democrats are made of. Something a little less taxing I hope.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Well, not really. But it's Saudi Arabia for God's sake. Who in their right mind would want to go to the Middle Ages for a dance party? Weren't there any marches and swamps they could have used where they were from? That you just gotta go to Jeddah to get your dance on for the big prom? Oh well, you get what you are gonna pay for when you take a trip back about 10 centuries.

Faith, or Folly - I'm all for giving more power to the people of Africa. The place is generally a hell-hole and could do little worse than precedent. But with all of the problems there, is it a wise investment right now?

Goodbye Mikhail - You would have done well to skip town before being caught by the current Russian government.

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