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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Signal, Sygnet, and Sigil - The Exploratory and Expeditionary Force

For those of you with military and related backgrounds, I have been working for some time now (actually this goes back to when I was in the CAP) on a Special Military sub-branch called the EXPLORATORY AND EXPEDITIONARY FORCE. I have it pretty much in order now and if you'd like to look over it and comment I'd appreciate the feedback and commentary. If you are already aware of anything like this already in operation within the US military then please let me know. And please provide information on it if you can. If you are not aware of any such military unit or paramilitary unit then please feel free to comment on it to me.

However from all of my military and Pentagon sources no-one seems to know of a unit like this, or formed under this set of mission standards. Though as has been pointed out some existing units already handle many of these separate mission functions.

The general idea is of a military sub-branch (or actually a force assimilated from all of the other branches) whose chief job is exploration and exploratory expeditions, including scientific expeditions. They would also gather Intel and make current and accurate maps of foreign cities and nations as well as exploring unexplored or little explored areas which currently exist in our world. Eventually they could be used as off-world expeditionary explorers.

This idea harkens back to the Greek, Roman, and British ideals of military and paramilitary (or in the case of the British of private explorers with military backgrounds) units who were employed as explorers, scouts, and expeditionary forces. (A good early American Example of such a force was the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which was not just a scouting force but a combined Intel operation, scientific expedition, contact/diplomatic mission, and mapping reconnaissance of the Continent, as a friend recently reminded me. So this idea is really just a return in many respects to the early American idea of a combined civilian/military joint force with multiple mission objectives and capabilities. One which is both Expeditionary, and Exploratory.) In this case I want to make it a standing and full time unit of the US military though it would be open and fluid as well, and private citizens and those from civilian agencies could join as well. Let me know what you think of the idea. You can contact me by email if you like or leave comments here.

Before I publish and promote this idea I'd like some feedback and possible suggestions for improvement.


Troops – Multi-Branch Corp of Seamen, Airmen, Soldiers, Marines, Guardsmen, Paramilitary, Lawmen, and Civilian Agents.

Special Forces Units: 10 Teams of 10 to 30 Men, Entire Corp not to exceed 500 men, including support personnel and officers. These Teams will be Renaissance Troops, capable in a wide range of disciplines, both military and non-military, able to function effectively as both individual agents and in small tactical units.

Assignment: Personnel and Officers would come from regular and reserve units of the other branches having shown aptitude for EE Work and having been recommended for the Force by their superior officers. Certain personnel might also be recommended by their Congressmen, Senators, or the President and might possibly come from civilian agencies, scientific organizations, cooperative corporations, law enforcement, etc. Everyone recommended and accepted would then have to undergo basic training for the Force and pass all tests and requirements, physical, mental, and psychological.

Uniforms and Appearance: Any person serving in the Force will have access to various uniforms depending upon assignment, mission, and posting. They will wear standard BDUs employing standardized camo patterns while working with governmental and civilian personnel, and with other military branches. They will have expeditionary uniforms and fatigues while on duty assignment in the field. They will wear a casual uniform similar to those worn by civilian personnel or law enforcement personnel or they will be allowed civilian clothes and dress suits when interacting with the public or while operating in foreign lands or posts.

Animal Teams: Most EE Force Units will employ specially trained animal teams that can assist with various missions.

Training (Trained in the following): Advanced All Terrain Survival Skills, Languages, Archaeology, Anthropology, Exploratory and Mapping Skills, Land/Sea/Air Navigation, Record Keeping, Engineering, Information and Intel Gathering, Espionage and Sabotage Work, Animal Handling, Conservation, Encryption/Encoding/Decryption/Decoding, Communications, Field Computing, Scouting, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Interrogation and Interviewing, Handling and Operation of small land, sea, and aircraft, Tracking and Manhunting, Pursuit and Evasion, Search and Rescue, Advanced Field Medicine and Basic Emergency Field Surgery, Disaster Relief, basic Geology and Geography, Physics, Biology and Natural Science, Reconstruction, Cultures and Religions.

Combat Skills: Tactical and Close Combat, Sniping, Sabotage, Scouting and Recon, Counter-Insurgency, and Guerilla Warfare.

Mission Types: The types of missions undertaken by the EE Force will include, but is not necessarily limited to the following types of assignments; Exploration, Template Profile Mapping (TMP), Scouting and Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Navigation (all to include wilderness, unexplored, rural, and urban terrains), Disaster Relief, Reconstruction, Cultural Analysis, Intel, Espionage, Interpretation, Engineering, Communications, Field Computing, Archeological and Anthropological, Scientific, and Cultural/Societal Interactions.

In addition EE Force Personnel may also provide both logistical and even combat support/assistance with various other types of units and operations and missions as needed, such as; Tracking, Manhunting, Search and Rescue, Medical, Tactical Engagements, Special Forces Operations, Cryption and Coding, Interdiction, and Sabotage.

Purpose: The EE Force would exist primarily as very advanced Scouts (not just in potential combat areas, but Scouts who enter areas long before any possible hostilities, or any necessary hostilities) and as Explorers to areas of the world in which information and intelligence is very limited, and to areas of the world which are largely unexplored and unmapped by the United States. The EE Force is primarily an exploratory and expeditionary force that possesses Intel and Tactical combat support capabilities if and as needed.

© JWG, Jr. 2007


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