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Friday, February 16, 2007

What's Happening?

Pesharim - What's Happening?

I'd like to apologize to my readers for not posting and contributing much to the Missal lately.
I've had an awful lot of things going on and an awful lot to do lately.

My tax structure has changed what with the house and estate and me owning more land now. So doing the taxes was no easy chore and required quite a bit of research, not only by me, but also by the people helping do my taxes. But that's all straightened out now and the taxes are all done and tucked away. Thank God, and I'm in no way being facetious.

Other than that there has been a lot of work with training and growing the puppies to kill my spare time, I've had several consulting projects keeping me hopping, I've been trying to sketch a little and also work on drawing some of the renovation plans for the house, there have been financial matters to attend to, and negotiations which will hopefully bring me some new clients and projects. I've been getting very little sleep so that has slowed me down some in addition to the extra work.

I've also got that murder case where the boy was killed by a round to the neck. I'm working some angles but so far nothing. Still I'm trying to see if I can't flush something, or somebody, out.

My wife is getting ready to go on a Mission trip for several days meaning I've also had to get things prepared for that, as it is on the week in which my oldest daughter competes at the Guild to play Beethoven's Fifth. I've been trying to make arrangements for everything from someone to house sit and to watch the puppies, to helping out with the wife's transportation and stay during her trip, and for travel to and from the competition. So it's been a real series of distractions.

I'm also getting a story about one of my cases ready to present to a Carnival this weekend (I'll be working on that tonight, and more about that later - the story will be posted to the Grapharium - I'll let you know when) and by the end of next week I plan on making my very first submission ever for one of my fictional stories. If all goes well then maybe in a few months I'll be a published fiction author. I still have a few mixed feelings about this but I'm finally ready to publish some of my fiction, and I feel pretty good about it.

I've even tried to squeeze in a little time to compose, but not on my opera or any of my symphonic works, just smaller pieces and light stuff mostly. But overall I've got both my drafting board and my work desk stacked with work, both old and new, to keep me on the slow plow and tied down. Hopefully though by this weekend I will have everything arranged and organized and some of it completed. Then by the end of February I hope to have out the latest copy of Dante's Ninth, and by mid to late March the latest copies of both The Difference Engine and Opus Magnus on-line.

And by next week I plan to get back to bogging on a regular basis.
At that time I'll be making some more improvements to the Missal and hopefully can also get out a satire piece or two.

Till then,

See ya.


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