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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 2/6/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

To Boldly Go - How best to find New Worlds.

Princeton and Google

The Chinese Romans- While I was in College I did a couple of studies and papers on the Silk Road, and of Greek, Byzantine, and Roman traffic East and of Chinese Traffic West. One was a study of possible Buddhist influence on early Christianity and Common-era Judaism, and the other was concerned with economic trade between East and West via overland routes. I find this project very interesting and will follow it with real curiosity.

Sunita of Outer Space - Where else but in America?

The Dendritic Advantage - I've been saying this for years: If Solar Radiation makes Clark Kent a Superman it ought to at least make you a little healthier. There are few things sunshine and fresh air won't cure. Add regular outdoor exercise and you may live to be a hundred.

When Detection Doesn't - Try Bird Flu a la Britannia.

Negative Refraction - I gotta admit, I love at least the theory behind this idea.

No Time Like the Present

A View on a Nightmare - What bothers me most about Vista is Vista.

FutureWar - FCS: We've still got a long ways to go in my opinion, but this ain't half bad for now.

Posted - This sounds more like something the New York Times would believe.

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