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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thursday MCWS Briefing 2/8/07

Thursday Military/Crime/Warfare/Security Briefing

Did Dahmer murder Walsh? - A Fascinating theory developed by cold case Detectives and an ex-FBI agent that Dahmer could have possibly killed Adam Walsh. I know for a fact that Dahmer later kept head trophies. This early murder might have been practice.
Additional Link with doubt:

L'il Kim-il - North Korean boy punk Rocks the Macau. I can hardly wait for the sequel.

A Lawman of Virtue

Bring Em In - I guess they do want the Surge. After all it's them being murdered, not American Senators.

Slaughterman - Pig Farmer, or Pig? You be the judge.

From Iraq Pictures:
Mexicans and Meth - Since Meth is primarily a rural and suburban enterprise this is an interesting phenomenon because it says that Mexican gangs are gaining both distribution control and are penetrating into areas far less urban than was the case before.

Armor for the War 0n Bear-Terror - This made me laugh. Out loud.

British Terrorism - A Police state for Muslims. They must have been randomly targeted, Little other explanation for this kind of outrageous behavior by the British authorities. Shame, shame, and unpardonable shame.

Alfonzeroed - Don't Cry for Me Argentina.

The Intel War

Thailand Insurgency

Baghdad: Day Two

New Police Chief: Female

Indictments of Five in Iraq

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