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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 2/27/07

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

South Pole Telescope - I wish I had a scope at the South Pole. I'd settle for one on the moon though.

Virgin Galactic - I'd like to see Virgin Galactica myself, but then again I guess I won't really get a vote.

Islamic Math and Geometry

Computer Model of Visual Perception and Object Recognition - It still seems very primitive to me compared to what the brain can do, but it's a start.

Still More Adult Cell Goodies - I really like MIT's work in this area. They've shown for a long time that Adult Stem Cells have far more promise than embryonic stem cells and have demonstrated repeatedly that Host stem cells have far greater promise than alien stem cells. Then again I probably like them cause I've been saying the same thing myself for years. It's just common sense and basic biology.


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