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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wednesday Religious Assessment 2/28/07

Wednesday Religious Assessment

China in Chains - Just in time for the Olympics.

The Apathetic Christian - I can't imagine not be enthusiastic. It would be a revolution of advancement. We won't get there by murder of course, and that seems a very bizarre idea - that one can encourage salvation through murder - but the return of Christ would mean the end of murder and the championing of all kinds of progress.

Vocations Up - Even in an Exodus vocations are rising. That's fascinating and reminds me much more of the early Church than the present church in the West. Good for them.

Liturgical Failure

Fighting Slavery - As a Christian this is a fight worth winning.

Diet in the Desert

The Church in Venezuela - It's always a tough call for the church in my opinion. Help the oppressed in a tyranny and therefore appear to be reconciled to the evils of dictatorial control, or oppose the regime and face persecution and the real danger that the innocent will likely suffer. It's not for me to say which does the most harm, or most good, and I guess every situation is unique. Godspeed to them though.

Dry Bones - To me stuff like this is just entertainment. It doesn't ring true at all. It's hard for me to get upset about it. He's just a director and I've never understood how, or why, our society gives so much importance to entertainers.

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