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Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Pictures of Puppies and Dogs

Humours of Idleness - New Pictures of Puppies and Dogs

I've been taking a lot of photographs lately. These are some of the new ones of my dogs and puppies. The puppies are now six weeks old and ready for sale.

I've already put up an ad and it'll run this weekend.
I'm really gonna miss these little buggers, all the ones we're selling anyway. We're keeping one.

If I had another twenty acres or so and it was all fenced in we'd keep em all.
I hope and pray they all get the homes they deserve. We're certainly gonna be checking references as well as we can.

Bear has already been sold and from what I hear through the grapevine he's got a great home.
Woman's entire family seems to adore him.
He'll make her a great watchdog and a very loyal pet.

Hope he lives twenty years.

Here are some pics of the others, and their parents:

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