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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Senate is the Wisest Thing

The Glair - A Senate is the Wisest Thing

A Poem dedicated in honour of the US Senate, and in honour of all of those other lonely, unappreciated Senatorial Bodies that dot the troubled landscape of our Earth.

Here’s to you guys.
What would we ever do without ya?

A Senate is the Wisest Thing

“Senatus bestia est; senatores bon viri...”

A Senate is the Wisest Thing
By government devised
For when a Senate fashions law
Can Justice be denied?

Now Senators are benevolent (so I’m told)
But Senates are a Beast
And when they vote “en-commoner”
The Great becomes the least,

For Senates have evolving views
Of what is rightly fair
And often vote their asses
When decorum is un-bared

Though who may obstruct Senates
When they’re filled with mighty minds?
Let nature take her obscure course
The Blind best lead the Blind,

Our Senates are the best of us
None would dare object
The Wisest of our Wisest Men
Our privilege to elect,

Their thoughts reach to the Heavens
Deliberations so profound
With judgments deep and eloquent
And reasons to astound,

So when Senates are in session
Don’t forget to watch the air
For if their seats are empty
You can find them floating there,

Yet somehow all that Wisdom
Rarely ever leaves a mark
I guess they’re just too busy
With their opening remarks,

But who are we to gainsay
When in sapience they speak?
We are just as citizens
And they are quite antique,

A happy day for everyone
Please Bless your Senate now
If we could only be so wise,
It’s true I do avow –

Now come ye all the People
See your Senates hard at work,
They’ve never met a challenge yet
Their insights cannot burke,

So let that be your lesson
When in Senate you do act,
Remember mobs with furrowed brows
May fools from you extract.


© JWG, Jr. 2007


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