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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Surgical Studio/Bedroom

Kor – The Surgical Studio/Bedroom

Yesterday morning I had another unusual dream. Actually it was a rather strange, even bizarre dream. It took me awhile to write it up though, and the details returned to my memory rather slowly, all through the day and the evening. It is very unlike me to have two such dreams back to back on consecutive nights like this at my age. When I was younger I would have two or more striking and numinous dreams in a single night and could remember each in intimate detail. But as I have aged such numinous and powerful and easily remembered, highly detailed dreams, have become more and more rare for me.

It began when I awoke in my bedroom. But my bedroom was not the bedroom of my house in waking life but rather a huge surgical studio (it resembled a large, English operating studio of the 19th century) in which operations or psychiatric (brain) procedures could be performed before an audience during public lecture or for medical training. My bed sat in the middle of the theatre on the floor where ordinarily the surgical table would be located. Around my bed were a series of small tables with trays and implements but these implements seemed less likely to be surgical or medical equipment, but rather they appeared to be scientific equipment from various previous eras in human history. There were a few devices I did not recognize but which seemed to be of considerable antiquity.

The rest of the studio consisted primarily of raised amphitheatre seating completely encircling the leveled and sunken floor on which my bed rested. There was no glass or dividing area between my bed and the surgical floor and the rest of the studio, all of the seating was open to full view and unobstructed in any way. The studio floor where my bed sat was brightly illuminated, the rest of the studio was dark and ill-lit. Indeed near the walls there seemed to be no source of light at all. The room itself was oval in shape and was perhaps fifty to sixty feet at the widest point across. The ceiling was perhaps ten feet high from the highest tier of seats along the walls and perhaps thirty feet high from the lowest point of the studio floor, which was where my bed sat. My bed in this studio was more of a hospital type bed than the king size bed I normally sleep in with my wife, and the bed appeared to be a single man bed. It was completely white as were the sheets and bedding.

I got up and explored some of the implements surrounding my bed of which I can recall few details. Next I explored the surrounding seating, which was stone seating as might be found in an ancient amphitheater. I made my way into the dark sections of the room and found many old and unusual devices, some man-sized in height, that I did not immediately recognize but all of which appeared to be mechanical devices of some sort. None worked or seemed operational but all seemed recently restored or at least in reasonable shape, fairly well maintained.

Suddenly I became aware of the fact that something looked very wrong about the room. I looked around for a door along the walls by which one might enter or exit, but there was no such door. No door of any kind. None of the walls had any windows either. I looked at the ceiling for some sign of a skylight, or way by which one could enter from the roof. But the ceiling above was devoid of any opening of any kind. There appeared in fact to be no way to either enter or exit the room. The room appeared to be a completely self-contained, closed system.

This gave me a very creepy, strange, uncanny feeling because I began to wonder how I had arrived here in the first place. Then it occurred to me to look under the bed to see if some method of entry or exit might be located there. Despite the lighting in the middle of the room the area under the bed was completely dark and so I had to move the bed to look at the space underneath it.

Where the bed had been I discovered a triangularly shaped area on the floor, large enough for me to pass through. But there was no door or trapdoor, the area enclosed by the triangle was simply soft to the touch, and slightly warm, like flesh in basic texture. It looked like concrete but felt like flesh. When I touched it I could hear a sound or a sort of hum, like hummingbees in the distance. The area smelled funny too, not quite like a corpse but sort of like the body of someone old who had just died and then been soaked by water and rolled in clover. It sort of smelled like mild disease and herbs and grass all mixed together.

Then I heard a noise that apparently emanated from one of the dead machines I had seen near the outer walls of the room. I stood up to walk over and investigate but at that point I awoke.

Note: I had this dream the day before I saw the film The Prestige. Indeed the day before I rented The Prestige so I don’t connect the dream itself or any of the devices in the dream with that particular film. The Dream was quite unlike anything I have seen or been working on lately.

After watching The Prestige however, which I enjoyed immensely (anyhtign with Tesla in it can't be all that bad), I had an odd sense of familiarity between certain scenes in the film and this Dream.


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