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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kor – The Geisha House

Kor – The Geisha House

This morning, right before waking I had a very unusual dream. It was unusual because of the locale.

I dreamt that I was working my way undercover through a series of Geisha Houses in Japan. I was unaware of the exact nature of the case I was working or who or what my target might have been. I had the vague impression that whoever had assigned me the case had more or less said something to the effect of, “keep your eyes open and look for anything out of the ordinary, or which smells fishy to you.”

It was all out of the ordinary to me however and so I was making copious mental notes everywhere I went and trying to mentally observe and record everything. I tried at all times while operating during the dream to remember and to practice the Three Keys of Defection: Observation, Attention, and Memory. I wasn’t really sure if I had been specifically instructed to do this or this was just a result of my own innate training over so many years.

One house in particular and three girls in particular kept showing up over and over again. I revisited their house numerous times and observed several older gentlemen, well dressed, and obviously making pains to conceal their appearance and identities, but I never really linked them directly to anything worth writing home about.

Then on one visit I saw a little girl and boy enter through a side door and move through the house as if nobody else had even noticed their arrival. I followed them surreptitiously and at a distance to an unguarded and unwatched back door. From the doorway I watched them enter a courtyard and walk to a small, rough, dark gray stone marker, only about half as high as they were, and the girl pulled out a compass and placed it on the top of the marker where it transformed into a sundial. The boy read the time and then pointed up into the air, at that point the alarm went off, and I woke up.


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