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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shooting in the Rain

Pesharim - Shooting in the Rain

These shots were taken in the rain, for the most part, except for the last shot which was taken at night. I altered and enhanced the image using my Corel Photo Paint program.

The first three are of an animal corpse I came across on a very deserted and isolated road. Because the animal seemed to have been partially skinned as well as being partially crushed by a vehicle or vehicles I could not say with absolute certainty what the animal was, but given the evidence of the remains and what had apparently been done to the corpse I think it most likely was a brown fox. I think it most likely the fox was shot or trapped, then killed and partially skinned, then the remains dumped on the road. I cannot be absolutely sure that was the sequence of events and even to verify what kind of animal it was would mean I would have had to have taken bone and hair samples for comparative analysis, but I think this the most likely set of deductions. In any case I always like taking shots of animal corpses as it gives me good practice in the taking of forensic photographic images.

These shots are of a squirrel my Great Bernard caught and killed. You can clearly see the puncture wounds on the body of the squirrel which no doubt contributed to the shock which led to death. My Great Bernard was awfully proud of his kill, however not long after taking these shots my Great Dane bitch came along and took the corpse. At first my Great Bernard growled at her and seemed ready for a fight, but then he just turned and let her have it. He has learned already that if a female wants what you have then just go ahead and give it up, she'll get it eventually anyway.

This last shot is of a pregnant praying mantis I took near nightfall. I altered the image as I mentioned above. I intend to enter this photograph in Matt Bamberg's Halloween Photographic contest.

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