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Friday, October 27, 2006

Interesting Developments

Pesharim - Interesting Developments

1. I use both Browsers, and although IE7 has some interesting new features and is better optimized for some sites, Firefox is in my opinion the far superior browser. It is far faster, subject to less security incursions, and most importantly it is less prone to freezing, hang-ups, and overextension. It is also more fluid, flexible and intuitive in operation, and the tag functions operate more smoothly and without problem. I also suspect it drains far less in resource costs, especially memory.

From what I've seen of Vista and my own experience with XP I'm not exactly up in arms with anticipation at Microsoft's new OS either.

You know I've given Microsoft the benefit of the doubt for a long time, and still give them much credit for helping to invent the Personal Computing industry, but it is well past time they underwent serious business, design, application, and technological reforms. If so many of my clients did not use Microsoft OSs and applications then I would dump all Microsoft products on my own systems and go for Linux.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to do that and undergo all of the inter-related hassle of making my stuff compatible with every particular client.

2. Well, it looks like another round robin set of Regional and Civil Wars in Africa.

Imagine that... I knew someone who was hacked to death by machete in Rwanda.

One thing you can definitely say about Africa, they know how to do killing and murder up close and personal.

And in great numbers.

Of course they are awful good at starvation, disease, plague, and poverty as well.
If you're gonna be good at something, go all out I say.

3. Now this is one Tower of Babel I hope reaches a successful conclusion.

4. If this story is true then I'm looking forward to the research and possible eventual applications. I can see more extended possible use than those disclosed here, but nevertheless this is a fascinating little Article.

You know this made me think of the previous idea I had of creating a water filled treated vat for astronauts in deep space to exercise in. It also makes me think of numerous other applications.

6. Little Green Footballs recommends this Book. I do as well.

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