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Friday, October 20, 2006

The B Reader in Preparation

Pesharim - The B Reader in Preparation


I'm taking ideas, comments, suggestions, and recommendations on whether I should
make the B-Reader an entirely
separate blog, or whether I should incorporate it within the body of the Missal.

If you
have an opinion as to whether it should be a separate Blog or simply be
incorporated into it's own section of the Missal then let me know.

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Over the past month or so I have been developing materials and content for the new Blog I intend to launch dealing with military, intelligence, investigative, law enforcement, political, cultural, religious, and international matters.

This new blog will be entitled the "B Reader" and should be up and running by the end of December, if no problems are encountered. At this point I expect no problems.

The articles I intend to write so far include the following subjects (but I have not yet decided upon the exact titles):

New SWAT Tactics - Why the police must consider hostage takers as domestic terrorists and why new tactics and infiltration/kill teams must be developed to liquidate, not capture, such suspects at the earliest possible moment. (This will be my first article).

Eastern Europe - Why Eastern Europe needs a combined, single, intelligence sharing organization to coordinate Intelligence gathered from Asia, Europe and Africa. Why Eastern Europe cannot depend upon Western Europe for either defense or intelligence sharing, and why Eastern Europe needs stronger economic, political, cultural, military and financial ties to the US, and why the US needs stronger ties to Eastern Europe.

The Cell Wars: How the New War is not really just a War on Terrorism, but is also a War on International Entities, Corporate Individuals, Rogue Regimes, and International Criminal Cartels - Why ICCs are really smuggling, trafficking, border penetration and logistical support organizations for terrorist groups, how criminal gangs and terrorist cell activity overlaps, and how to use such alliances to infiltrate both organizations.

American Misunderestimation - Why the Military and Law Enforcement still does not work effectively in cooperation, and how to create support teams and liaison agents to operate in the organizations of both.

The Employment of the Amateur Line - How to effectively employ private citizens and individuals, as well as private small group organizations and PIINs in the Cell Wars.

PIIN - Private Intelligence and Investigative Networks - Continuing and completing the paper I started elsewhere.

Vadding and Infiltration - Turning a private and individual pursuit of exploration and infiltration into a personal and team effort to assist the authorities in suppressing crime and fighting terrorism.

Propaganda and Strategic Psychological Operations - Why we are failing, and possible corrective actions.

My Analysis of the Litvineneko Case: Post Mortem - An analysis of likely suspects and motivations regarding the assassination of Litvinenko and the effect his assassination is likely to have on national, institutional, organizational, and private intelligence networks.

The Renaissance Soldier - How to develop a new generation of Renaissance Special Forces Teams, as well as incorporating a wider range of highly capable, multi-functional Renaissance and Special Forces Skill Capacities in the standard development of normal troop units and individual soldiers.

The Renaissance Lawman - How to develop and train a new generation of modern lawmen with a wide range of inherent capabilities such as intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, infiltration, counter-terrorism, etc. to support their already existing law enforcement, forensic and investigative/detective capacities.

I hope some of my readers will consider writing papers, articles, commentary or criticism or your own for inclusion in the blog or will even consider becoming occasional or regular contributors. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to read, comment, and contribute.
If interested contact me by email or leave a comment on this blog.


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