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Friday, October 13, 2006

Humours of Idleness - New Shots

Humours of Idleness - New Shots

I've been down for awhile with a neck injury. Most of the week actually.

Haven't felt like doing much of anything, including working or even looking at my blogs and websites. But I'm recuperating and feeling better now.

So I'm gonna post some recent pictures I've taken:

One is of a large tree bole on the back or southern end of my land. (Some of you know I live in a very rural area.)

One is of a lizard who lives on the roof of my south deck. We have several lizards and snakes that live around the house but he is one of the most brightly colored and playful. He's very fast as well. Some of the darker lizards will actually crawl up on your arm if you approach them slowly and cautiously. Not him though, he's too fast, small, and squirrelly. He won't really let you get near him. He does however seem to like posing for the camera and will often do so as long as you keep a somewhat discreet distance.

One is of a cow-killer on the move. Cow-killers are pretty fast and this was a difficult shot. I had to walk quickly along side it and try to move the camera in front of it and estimate by eye where it would likely be in best focus to align the shot properly. It took about four failed shots as it ran along the road before I got a decent shot.

One is of the swamp running alongside the riverbank where my daughters and I took our last Rudding expedition. As a kid I practically grew up in the local forests and swamps. This shot is only about five or six miles in a straight line from the Revolutionary Battle of the Great Cane Brake. This spot kinda reminds me of that battlefield.

A shot taken along the riverbank of a large dog paw print and of a very large coon print right beside it.

Well that's about it for now. I'll let you figure out for yourself which shot goes with which description.

See ya later,


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