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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pesharim - Four Finished

Pesharim - Four Finished

The following sites have been fully converted to Beta and for the most part completed as to arrangement and format:

Omniworks: http://omniworksgen.blogspot.com/

The Grapharium:

Dante's Ninth:

The Missal:

It is slow work reconstructing them from their previous format and code system including adding site meters, counters, HTML code of various kinds, customizing the outlay, reposting links, providing advertisement, etc.

But in the end I suspect it will be well worth it.
All of these sites are now much better arranged and formatted, are easier to navigate, can now fully draw information from Google and other search engines, are now set to crawl without interference, are posted with directories, and simply look much better.

That now leaves two sites remaining to fully convert to Beta as well as three more to construct.

Then it will simply be a matter of finalizing all of my sites and finishing content on my portfolios, etc.
I don't know why I say only, because in reality those things will be the most difficult parts of these jobs.


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