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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Meaning of Life

Marxed - The Meaning of Life

A Eulogy for Baby Boomers, Generation X'ers, the Rock the Vote Crowd (who never actually vote) and all of those other outstanding modern types.

Life consists of the following things: food, drink, work, television, the internet, film, music, books.
If you haven't been aborted yet, and who doesn't think that's a good idea, then you pretty much know this by now.

Which reminds me of a little story, in verse (stop right here and read no further).

The Meaning of Life

  • I've never done a thing in life,
  • I ate my share away
    I'm from a generation lost,
    The future past today.
  • I watch a lot of good ole tube
    And see a film or two,
    I cruise across the shiny web
    Cause that's the thing to do.
  • I think that I will sing a song
    Just like my favorite band
    Or maybe I could watch awhile,
    Is that woman some kinda man?
  • An actress is my favorite guy
    Man, if my life was that!
    I think that I might plate my teeth
    And tattoo up my ass!!
  • I know, I think I'll read a book
    To cure my boring mind,
    And one day I might do something
    To try and kill the time.
  • But not today my good ole friends
    I'm busy at nothing now,
    I'll never do a thing in life
    I'm faceless in the crowd.
  • Something now to feed my face
    And drink ambition dead -
    I'll never do a thing in life
    It is my secret dread.
  • But cable offers me new hope
    A channel never seen
    Perhaps someone will show me how
    Or do something for me?
  • With courage like a bleating mouse
    I drain my manhood dry,
    My friends are all as brave as me
    Which makes me want to cry.
  • Not really, it was all a joke
    I'm satisfied you see
    My life is music, books, and film
    And don't forget TV.
  • So let adventure come and go
    I watch it on the screen
    Who'd want to do a thing in life
    When nothing is your dream?
  • I'll never do a thing in life
    But that's okay by me
    If you just had my life to live
    You'd want it too you see.

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