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Monday, October 30, 2006

The IGF and the UNet

The Glair - The IGF and the UNet


The UN thinks it will help regulate the internet.

Anything the UN becomes involved in is bound to work at least as well as sausage link fueled rocket ships and Gouda cheese built moonbases.

As for the IGF, any organization formed to regulate the internet that doesn't understand how to
physically organize itself, or run a conference, or how to employ the technology used to cover that conference, is in serious need of academic study. Which is the real value of the IGF, as a subject for a term paper at any predominantly liberal European University of higher aberration.

The UN on the other hand couldn't pick it's nose without US financial support. There wouldn't be an internet or world wide web without the US and I'm willing to bet the only exposure most UN officials have ever had to it is in the kiddy porn domain, which is something the UN excels at.

This is just an attempt by the UN to make it appear as if they are involved in a relevant way in relevant matters. As usual they are wrong on both accounts.

This isn't going to be a culture clash, it's going to be a culture crushing.

Anybody who wants to use the internet productively will side with us, all the socialists and bureaucraticians will throw in with the UN.

If the UN wants to be relevant and productive in a way that people who are likely to benefit from UN policies can enjoy then they should just float the UN ark to Belgium and dry-dock there. I say Belgium because by the time that august body could actually make a decision and complete the trip the year would be 2912 and France will be either completely depopulated or a Middle Eastern Colony known as Disney-Palestine Europa-land. Which come to think of it, maybe they should aim for France after all.

Godspeed little fellas and don't let the Statue of Liberty whack you on the ass on the way out. Though you sure could use it.

World discusses internet future

By Darren Waters Technology editor,
BBC News website, Athens

The forum was set up by the United Nations.

The future of the net is the ambitious topic under discussion at the first global Internet Governance Forum, being held in Athens over the next five days.

It has been set up by the UN to give governments, companies, organisations and individuals space for debate.

Nitin Desai, chair of the organising body for IGF, has said the forum needed "dialogue in good faith".

He warned that the biggest challenge in making the IGF successful was a "potential culture clash".

article continued here: UN to Regulate Internet

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