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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Verona, Kennedy, and Counter-Terrorism

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Verona, Kennedy, and Counter-Terrorism

Ace, over at the Ace of Spades has been doing a recent series on some information taken from the Verona Decrypts.

Some of you may remember me discussing Verona with you some time ago via email.

A while back, (and please excuse my faulty memory as to the exact source or sources - I think I read them on the CIA site or the FBI site, or both- you know how much technical reading I do) I read much of the Verona information and information regarding the related operations on governmental websites, at least those portions that they were willing to release to the public. Of course you can obtain more detailed information by a FOIA request, but I find it extremely interesting that the Company and Bureau websites apparently no longer allow direct public access to these files.

I'm wondering if this might not be related to two separate, but perhaps inter-related matters. One is due to the fact of how much political data can be gleaned, even about current political figures, such as Ted Kennedy. And this has indeed been the focus of the series done by Ace, among others. See here. And here.

The other thing I'm wondering about is the fact that the Verona information may have been purposely removed because it allowed free and public study of potential methods and procedures (that is the information allowed one to easily infer practical methods) for the gathering of intelligence information. I haven't had time to test this thesis lately due to being so busy with other matters, but if other files regarding Intelligence and Law Enforcement Operations have indeed been removed form easy public access on various governmental websites, then I can be reasonably certain that particular parties are indeed very concerned that past operations may offer clues as to methodology which could be exploited by various enemies and could allow them to penetrate our ongoing intelligence, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism operations.


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