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Monday, October 02, 2006

The Exchange - Jack Army

The Exchange - Jack Army

I noticed today while checking my traffic for new readers and for international links that I had been cross-linked (reciprocal) to Go Jack Army. I consider it a gentleman's honor to be cross linked to that site as it is a blog I have enjoyed visiting and reading for some time.

I encourage all of my readers to visit that blog, especially my International Readers, to get a better idea about the American military, what it is really like, how it operates, what some of the personnel are like, what they fight for, and why.

I thank Jack Army for the cross link and wish to remind everyone who helps build Jack Army and who reads it that we appreciate the service of our American military personnel, of every branch, and of every rank. They do Yeoman's work and good service, and they make us proud of our nation, our principles and ideals, and of course, of themselves.

Visit the site and be amazed at what you might learn about what you really don't yet know:


God Bless and Godspeed.

Return home safe ladies and gentlemen.

By the way when I get my new INTEL blog up and running I will be more than happy to link Jack Army to that blog as well.


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