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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where We Go

Pesharim - Where We Go

I visit various blogs, message boards, and websites.

I go to each one for different reasons. I have a lot of different interests. I go to Milblogs to get the war, defense, counterterrorism, and military scoop. I visit blogs run by former Intel officers (or they say they are, one never really knows with Spooks as people remind me all of the time, since some call me a Spook of sorts, and I guess I am sortta but I'm also not, so there you go, that's the way that kind of thing works doesn't it?) to catch a drift or two about espionage and cryptology, I visit religious blogs and missionary blogs cause I love some of those and missionary blogs are great sources of religious, cultural, and societal Intel. I visit cop and detective blogs, for obvious reasons. I visit science and technology blogs. I visit governmental project blogs. I visit Research and Development blogs, academic blogs, university and student blogs, criminology blogs, art blogs, the blogs of buddies, foreign blogs, analytical blogs, political blogs, the blogs of freelance journalists, a few blog communities.

I also visit all kinds of websites, of the same types as the types of blogs I detailed above, as well as medical sites and Deep Web sites and business and corporate sites and blah, blah, blah. I visit nerd sites and parody sites and vaddign sites and sports and athletic sites and message boards and so forth. You get the picture.

But why?

I guess what I'm driving at is not only why do I visit the types of blogs and websites I visit but why do I visit the particular blogs and websites I visit?

I've never really thought about it much, in a systematic or analytical fashion, being new to blogging myself but I am certain that the types of places you visit in cyberspace must say something about your psychespace.

I really personally enjoy some locales, others I visit because they intrigue me, some places I visit because they are excellent sources of data, information, or even Intel, some because they are interesting, some because they are useful, some because they amuse me, some because I like commenting there, and some because well, hell, I couldn't really tell you.

As a matter of fact in some sense I couldn't really tell you why I visit any of the particular sites and blogs I do other than to tell you that I like them. For instance two different guys might run two different blogs which are immensely similar in content, maybe even in arrangement and outlook, yet one will appeal to me and the other will not. One may be popular and well trafficked by any standard as well as being appealing to me, the other might be hardly touched by anyone else and yet I like going there. Why?

I couldn't tell you.

There are reasons, obviously, having to do with my nature and the nature of the other person or persons on site (though I'm not one of those people who are naive enough or deluded enough to believe you can ever really "know" someone based on what they post to the Internet, that's like saying you can know a man from his scats and tracks - you can know some of his on-line attributes, assuming he is not disguising them, you cannot though really "know him through technology") as well as unknown factors and quanta.

But why this and not that?

There's a paper in here somewhere dealing with mass personality as expressed through abstract communication modes, as well as several empirical experiments, and maybe even the framework of a few inventions regarding personality and technological applications. I'm sure in some way this relates to God Technology. But I don't have time to screw with all of the possibilities right now.

Nevertheless, now that I have begun ruminating on the subject, it sure is interesting to think about.
I guess I'll come back to this later, just as I'll continue to revisit old sites and blogs I haunt.

I'll come and I'll go and so will you, and one day maybe I'll investigate thoroughly enough to firmly suspect why.

But I guess it's kinda like a good Cold Case.
You'll never really know for sure why it happened until it's solved, and then you'll say to yourself, "Well, hell, I knew that all along, there just wasn't enough evidence yet to pin it down"

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