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Friday, November 03, 2006

All At Once

Pesharim - All At Once

1. The Cloud of Autumn Operation has begun.

It seems extremely coincidental the roof of the mosque would collapse only after the gunmen had fled. The use, by the militants of a large group of female human shields seems to be a fairly new tactic in group and guerrilla skirmishes. I suspect that we will see more of this type of public call/rapid response/civilian shield tactic. As a regrouping, delaying and escape maneuver it was quite effective. The next step of course will be to employ Child Shield brigades as well as combined Women-Child Shield Brigades.

2. This is going to be interesting to follow: Ted Haggard
It is difficult for me to imagine how he could admit to some guilt in the matter and yet deny having a homosexual relationship. I guess it depends upon how one defines a "relationship."
Of course It is always possible that he intended to engage in homosexual relations but never actually wen through with it, that it was all talk. We'll see as he seems willing to admit his guilt at least to a degree.

3. Considering the large number of separate and often competitive governmental and sub-governmental and paramiligovernmental agencies and organizations operating within Iran (the "Islamic Republic" has no aversion at all to imitating the West in developing a complex set of competitive agencies and entities within its governmental structure) this is a dangerous development indeed. A single missile penetrating our Aegis defenses and you have considerable damage to a US or allied vessel, as well as the necessary conditions for at the very least a regional naval war. Iranian Antiship Missiles.

What worries me more is that Iran now possesses enough offensive naval might to make any blockade more than problematic and to assist narco and criminoterrorists and smugglers with their transport and smuggling operations.

I can also see contract smugglers and terrorist cells as well as rogue powers like North Korea seeking to buy Iranian naval escorts to attempt to circumvent or disrupt naval blockades and interdictions.

It is no coincidence that the operation is called Great Prophet 2. They see these developments as part of their overall strategy to provoke regional conflict and evoke the Mahdi.

4. Price Wars: This will be good for the overall economy and should be a boon for the consumer. It should shorten inventories a bit as well.

5. Can Microsoft and Novell do together what neither has ever been able to do separately. Destroy Linux by supporting it?

6. No Duff. See me here: Cell Wars

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