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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Features

Pesharim - New Features

For the benefit of my Readers I am adding two New Features to The Missal.

This First is a Research Function. Every Day I will attempt to locate the very best and most interesting links I possibly can regarding subject matter I cover in the blog on that day.

Every day I cover different subject matter and every day I will summarize the best links I could find covering the same subject matter posted for that day.

These summations of interesting items and new links will include news, reports, Research and Development Projects, technology, etc. I will try to make the links relevant to current events but also will try to include items little covered or ignored by the larger and more standard media.

Every day of the week when possible, with the possible exception of Sundays and Holidays, I will try to post a new Research Summary. I will try to continually improve the quality of the Research Links I post. These summaries will cover the following subjects by day of the week: (see Publication Schedule)

Monday Political Appraisal – An Appraisal of State, National, and International Politics

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract – A Summary of Scientific and Technological Advances and Discoveries

Wednesday Religious Assessment – An Assessment of Important and Major and Interesting Religious Affairs

Thursday MCW Briefing – A Briefing on Events and Developments concerning Military, Intelligence, Espionage, Terrorism, and Criminal Affairs, as well as covering War and the War on Terror

Friday Cultural Calculation – A Summary and Critique on Culture, the Culture Wars, and Modern Pop Culture

Saturday A&A Inventory – Developments regarding Art, Entertainment, Film, Music, Sports, Athletics, Gaming, and Hobbies

Sunday Summary – A Summary of Important Events during the previous week

In addition I am starting a Discussion Board. I will be suggesting subject matter for each discussion but my Readers are free to discuss any subject I have mentioned during that week or any other matter they personally wish to discuss. This will be a Free Flowing Discussion and anyone is free to comment as long as they do so in a civilized and respectful manner.

I will attempt to reply to each comment as often as I can but I also encourage my Readers to discuss any subject matter that interests them among themselves.

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