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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract 11/28/06

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

Extinction and Regeneration

The Intertube - I've always enjoyed the link between material and capacity

Academic Innovation? - The thought makes me laugh

Spare Me!

Mathematical Biology

Web Futurists - It's about time

Of the Bombs and the Bees - Will this lead to "Safe Sniff" or will environmentalists in this case demand abstisniff?

The Humpback Human? - This bodes very well for my theory of Parallel Intelligence. I think I'll link this and related articles to my articles on Parallel Intelligence

New Patent

Alka Seltzer and Water - Zero G and muthawhattha? - See it. You'll understand.

Army Strong, but Realism Weak

Bat Face Signal Absorption - I can think of all types of signal applications for this discovery

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