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Monday, November 06, 2006

New Weapon Plot

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - New Weapon Plot


As many of you know I have for a long time been tracking crimino and narco terrorist efforts to smuggle weapons and contraband for the execution of attempted operations in various parts of the world. This article deals with a recent attempt by terrorist cells to produce a workable operation involving thermobaric and related explosive devices in Britain.

What is of especial interest to me personally is the public reporting of the IRA and FARC working in collaboration in order to attempt the manufacture of a fuel air explosive, and the refinement and distribution of the accompanying chemical formula.

As many of my other readers also know IRA agents have freelanced for a long time in teaching Palestinian and Arab terrorists better and more effective methods for the construction of homicide vests and other personal anti-personnel and anti-civilian weaponry.

An operational and practically deployable thermobaric weapon, perhaps combined with secondary chemical agents (assuming such agents could survive the enveloping thermal cloud) or combined with secondary chemical agents and explosives used against first responders would make a formidable multi-stage or multi-attack weapon system for the arsenals of various terrorist groups.

Such weapons would not even have to be deployed often, as, having once been demonstrated effective by a successful public operation, they could then be used as weapons of extortion.

Additionally multiple weapons of this type, deployed strategically in a small area could potentially have an effect similar to, if not greater than, the Oklahoma City Bombing, as evidenced by the attempted Gas Limos Project.

Defense Tech Article:

Terrorists Planned Fuel-Air Attack

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