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Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Cultural Calculation 11/24/06

Friday Cultural Calculation

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: ROSIE-RIPA WAR OVER - Peace Negotiations apparently Successful. For Now.
Thank Goodness. I was losing sleep over this one. This reminds me of the time Serbian Rebels assassinated the Archduke and the Kaiser became involved. Rosie reminds me of the Kaiser.
This could all reignite however if Rosie tries to force Ripa to sign a new armistice at Versailles.

Litvinenko Dies - Personally, I'm surprised he lived this long.
Anyone wanna lay odds on how long it takes for Nevzlin to draw ill?

Duh. I think to fully prepare for the coming crisis with Russia the EU should dump all alliances with the US and instead put full faith for their future in the political and military leadership of France.

Black Friday

Another Microsoft Triumph

A Taste of OJ -
It's kinda like a Bloody Mary, but with OJ and Real Blood.

The Blade of Blaine - The man can do about anything.

The Fountain and the Tree - Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing this film.

Kramer Blows his Breadbasket then Forks the Audience - You know, I can see getting angry easily enough. Especially when you're not very good and people are in the baiting habit of reminding you of it when you're onstage. But to involve kitchen utensils? It shows the man has a bleeping disorder. It's probably Bulshinia. He just regurgitates whatever is on his mind after a bad routine.

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