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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oscillation and Concentric Orbital Patterns in My Coffee

Invisible Hand - Oscillation and Concentric Orbital Patterns in My Coffee


I drink coffee with both cream and sugar, sometimes, depending on my mood, heavy on the cream. (Actually I use milk as creamer most of the time.)

Last week my wife bought a small Honeywell fan for vacation bible school because her room had so many students, and the air conditioning was operating so poorly, that she wanted extra ventilation and air circulation.

I had set the fan up in the living room and run it during the day time cause it amuses and fascinates my new bitch Nola (Beethoven is doing much better now that he has a new companion) and keeps her extra cool. Today she lay in front of it and slept most of the day.

Well, I had also made a cup of coffee and set it beside the fan and forgot about it and went about doing other things. When I just went to turn the fan off I noticed and remembered the coffee cup but looking down in it I saw with fascination that apparently the action of the fan and the vibrations from it's operations had filtered and separated the milk from the coffee, causing the milk to appear in pure and undiluted sections even though I had earlier carefully stirred the suspension.

But far more fascinating was the pattern the milk had taken on. The milk was in perfectly formed concentric circles with a large bulls-eye circle in the exact middle of the surface. Each circle radiated outwards from the others in separate bands looking very much like orbital patterns (only more or less truly circular) seen from above of a mock up of solar system. The patterns were undiluted and perfectly shaped and radiated from center to near the inner edge of the cup itself but did not touch the cup.It suddenly gave me several ideas. First, suppose you were growing substances, semi-solid or liquid in a liquid suspension but instead of applying energy directly to the suspension you merely placed it near a moderately energetic vibrational field or oscillating energy field? My coffee and milk produced a particular pattern but I'm sure with experimentation you could create all kinds of various shapes and formations depending upon the interacting field or energy and how applied.

Suppose you also exposed such a growing solution to overlapping fields of vibration or oscillation and perhaps even indirectly bombarded this same solution with other forms of controlled energy like harmonic resonance and fields of magnetic and spintronic resonance?

By experimenting with indirect exposure to energy fields and oscillation and vibrational fields during the construction and/or growth process you could create all kinds of sub-structural formational patterns and lines of force and conductive energy routing within and throughout the more general and larger structure.

This has given me all kinds of new ideas about indirect energy exposure and bombardment and oscillation and vibrational entrainment during the growth and manufacturing process, especially as regards alloys, exotic materials, and man-made materials during the growth and manufacturing processes. It has also given me ideas for a new non-lethal weapon and an anti-materiel's weapon.

I'm also wondering, and it should not be difficult to do experimentally, what effects such overlapping fields of oscillation and indirect bombardment would have on the cellar structure of organic materials, especially plant and insect cellular structures? It might be possible to grow insects and plants with other substances inside them in cavities or woven into the overall cellular pattern and it might even be possible to effect the DNA structure of primitive and minor life forms such as algae and bacteria and perhaps even a virus with patterned formations, or it might be possible to mix genetically alien, but not rejectable, material or tissue.

Thereby creating bacteria which would fail to inflict harm on certain targets, would kill itself under certain conditions, would be instantly recognizable by pattern affiliation by the immune system of a person or animal and which might even entrain itself to host symbiotically thereby converting itself from enemy invader to symbiotic ally. It might also be possible to use such ideas as localize forms of entrained oscillation or overlapped indirect energy bombardment for the treatment of certain disease organisms and disorders, if properly applied.

Anyway the idea of indirect energy manipulation and fields of oscillation and vibration in the creation of structural and growth and manufacturing patterns in other materials has given me numerous ideas.

So as you can imagine I was very excited to see the milk in my coffee.

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