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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Europe: Bane of the Modern West

The Glair - Europe: Bane of the Modern West


I have said for years and years now that Europe is a far greater danger to Civilization in this world than any third world tyranny, any Iraq, or even an Iran or North Korea.

Iran is fanatical. North Korea, cunning and dangerous. Ultimately though both can be dealt with as external threats, which both are, and so the danger they pose is primarily only physical.

But Europe..., Europe has for at least three decades now been the most corrupting influence on World Civilization to be found on the face of this planet. And Europe spreads this corruptive rot everywhere her political and diplomatic tentacles can reach.

For a long time I have told my friends and family that Europe is the real enemy of the United States and the most pervasive and corrupting influence upon the American Republic of any power in this world. That modern Europe is corruption incarnate, bent on self-destruction and naively oblivious of the radiant influence of decay, degeneration, and corruption it emanates constantly outward upon the rest of the world.

Europe is the Modern Bane of the West, having abandoned everything good they once were, having instead relentlessly pursued their own worst impulses, and not content merely to wallow in their own state of corpulence and rot, they insist doe-eyed and in a state of perfect sincerity that somehow they represent true progress and civilization. They represent neither, and have not for a very long period of time. Europe is by far the most dangerous enemy of the West, because she lives in our midst as a supposed secondary champion of Western Values, whereas in truth Europe infects the West with a kind of seeming reason, which weakens slowly, and persistently, like an unnoticed environmental pathogen. She is a background viral infection, she is a Carrier of Rot disguised as an immunization against barbarism, but in fact she is Sub-Rosan, an agent of sedition, a spy against the very ideals she proclaims to protect. And unless reform begins soon, time will prove me out on this matter.

This is hardly the first time in history that the Continent has fallen into a state of self-consumptive sin and hardly the first time in history it has worked tirelessly to spread European diplomatic and idealistic perfidy camouflaged and disguised as enlightenment and civilization, and it will no doubt hardly be the last such occasion. But America, as the true champion of the West does itself a fool's disaster of easily avoidable harm not to recognize the wolf in his own bed, purposely ignoring the easily visible agent provocateur dressed as the faithless lover. Europe is an internal threat to the West. It is that simple, and that easy to understand.

My friends and family used to laugh and scoff at the idea that Europe was the true enemy of the United States. But over the years, since 9/11 at least, many have now come to recognize the prescience of my observations. They might still not completely agree with me, but most now intuitively understand exactly what I mean.

Europe is regressive, not progressive, it is a stagnant economic cesspool, it becomes ever more an historical anomaly with each passing year, spiritually she is dead, philosophically she is impotent, militarily she is decrepit - she has no innovation, no mission, no purpose (other than directionless existence and slow decline), and yet still she grimly and fiercely breeds from the threadbare couches of her political and governmental chambers the most corrupting, and diseased, and ultimately self-destructive ideas possible, as if she were an insect Queen of Catastrophe.

And she is a catastrophe. By almost any measure of Civilization, she is a whorish, self-consumed, and self-consuming cancer upon progress in the rest of the world.
Europe is not a beacon to the World; she is a bait waiting in the dark, shadowed like the Siren, giving aid to the cutthroat who creeps from behind.

Can she be saved, resurrected, and reformed?
Anyone, anything, and any civilization can be if it is so determined.
And I encourage those in Europe who do not wish to see her yet again slide into a dark morass of disastrous danger to re-win your various nations, work to save Italy, and Germany, and Spain, and even France from what approaches. Yet you would be wise to move quickly, for delay makes you less yourself with each passing day, and more the agent of your own destruction.

But until the day comes that the average citizen of the various nations of Europe rise up and take back their own countries, throw off their own shackles of disintegration, and put aside current European ideas and ideals of degeneration and decay, the Great Republic should have nothing more in common with the Old World. Because commonality and brotherhood is built upon far more than history, it is built upon ongoing Integrity.

The Old World can be reborn, but at this moment she is nothing more than a Walking Corpse, and a Carrier of Disease which America can in no way afford to either soberly commune with, or even take seriously.

The real question is not, "Is Europe Morally Unserious?"
The Real Questions are, "When will America realize what a moral threat Europe is to the West and Western Ideals of True Civilization?" and "What will the Europeans Do About their Own Race Towards Moral Suicide?"

© JWG, Jr. 2006

From: The American Thinker

Sparing Saddam: Why Europe is Morally Unserious

November 7th, 2006

A general estimate is that Saddam Hussein killed 300,000 people, started two major wars (the first against Iran, costing a million lives, and the second against Kuwait, with perhaps 100,000 dead); according to the New York Times’ latest zig-zag, he came within a year of producing a nuclear bomb that could have been used to kill additional millions, and ensured the survival of his tyranny for the foreseeable future. For sheer sadistic mayhem, like routine rape and murder, there has been no worse regime than Saddam.

For the first time in human history, a mass-murdering tyrant on this scale has been caught, tried, and convicted in an open court of law. The people of Iraq and surrounding countries have been able to see him tried on television. Saddam has been sentenced to hang, according to Iraqi law, legitimized by the only elected government in the Arab Middle East.


drew said...

I'm curious what the "most corrupting, and diseased, and ultimately self-destructive ideas" are. I got the impression that there was a lot of rhetoric but not a lot of substance in this article. While I can see where someone would come to the conclusion that Europe is not the progressive and intellectual Eden that many of its citizens suppose, I find myself wondering why you have this opinion.

Is it the nascent socialism making bounds every year? Is it the xenophobia that disillusions immigrants and other nations? Is it the growth of atheistic belief (not a problem in my opinion, but could be in others)? Is it being squeamish about standing up to dictators? Is it the EU?

Jack said...

It's a little bit of all that you mention, and more. I'd also add the fact that Europe is not a nation in any sense of the term, it is a loose confederation of states with very different interests which constantly pull and tear at each other to the detriment of one or the other state.

But let me say this, I am not indicting the European peoples per se, merely some of the governments of continental Western Europe. I do not include the Far Northern Western European states (such as Norway), nor Eastern Europe.

I am speaking about diplomatic, political, military, cultural, sociological, ideological, spiritual, religious, and economic decay which will one day result in another European collapse and probably another major war. I'd say within 20 to 30 years.

I wrote this article by the way, and received a lot of tracking hits on it (though no comments aside form yours on the site, though a few people have emailed me - because I think people assume I was attacking Europe), not to condemn Europe per se (though they should be condemned of some things), but to roundly criticize it and to (convict) warn of what will happen if they do not reform.

I do not expect to be paid attention to in that regard, any more than those who tried to warn of Napoleon's Rise, or Hitler's rise, or of the stupidity of tying Europe to the Soviet Union, were heeded. I do expect in time to be proven right however. As I foretold many of my friends exactly how Western Europe would act towards the US long before they did, and what Europe really thinks of the US long before they displayed their true opinion. Which is hardly one of gratitude for past actions on their behalf.

However, to be fair I already see many encouraging and beneficial signs of reform in some places, like Germany and Italy.

If Germany and Italy reform then much of what I expect now to occur in Europe will either be mitigated or be avoided.
If not I expect another war there in 20 to 30 years.