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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Humours of Idleness - The Boy is Back

Humours of Idleness - The Boy is Back

Now that the weather has cooled my Great Bernard Beethoven has become feisty again. He's almost three years old and about 140 to 150 pounds now, having lost some weight in the summer heat (though the way he has been eating lately he's packing on for winter again).

For the past week I've been going out at night to play ball with Beethoven and my new Great Dane bitch. It's just fanatic to see Beethoven rolling and fighting and wrestling and running with my puppy. My Great Dane is only seven months old but she is already nearly as tall as my Great Bernard, but Beethoven probably has 70 pounds or so on her still and he's immensely strong. But she is extremely strong for her age as well and lightning fast. She runs like a gazelle and is built like a horse. I'll post pictures of her to the Missal soon.

When they wrestle and fight she will stand upright and get on top of his back and then take a biting grip on the back of his neck like he is prey to be pulled to the ground. He'll take that for awhile and then he'll shake loose, run in a circle and arc back into her with his head down like a charging bull. (He often charges into me this way when we're playing and believe me he can easily take a full grown man down if he hits you right.) He hits her in the side if she doesn't sidestep quickly enough and Bam! She's rolling and pitching like a topsail, long legs going in every direction.

Then I'll jump in between them and wrestle with both and they'll knock me down and chew on my back and legs and arms pretty good. then I'll finally get back to my knees or up to my feet and grab a baseball and throw it and we'll all try to take it away from each other. They both fight pretty good, and both are tough as railroad spikes.

Man, it sure is good to see Beethoven fully over the death of his brother and playing and fighting and wrestling with her and with me. He's gonna be okay.

My boy is back in the saddle.

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